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Why Fiction Books Are Crucial For Children

The ability to read and write is essential for a child’s academic and personal growth. Schools aim to have children read fluently by the age of seven and to aid that process, parents need to provide books appropriate for them.

However, children see academic books as a chore that they need to learn from to perform well in school. Constantly reading academic books may discourage the child from reading, but fiction books can change makes reading more enjoyable.

Here are some reasons why fiction books are crucial for children.

Fiction Helps With Imagination and Creativity

Reading an interesting fiction book helps children with their imagination and creative ideas. A story can help open up children’s minds and push them think differently. Fiction expands a child’s thinking abilities by introducing them to new characters and concepts which they wouldn’t find in a normal textbook. Imagining stories and creative visualization is crucial for your child’s mental and emotional development.

Exploring Cultures and Places

By reading fiction, your child can travel across the world without leaving their bedroom. Reading books regarding Greek mythology or ancient civilizations will expose your children to different cultures and places around the world.

Improved Vocabulary

Whether your child reads fiction or non-fiction, a good book will help them improve their vocabulary. As your child reads more and more books, their language skills will grow at a faster pace.

Furthermore, the knowledge of words is essential in establishing good communication skills. A good vocabulary will help your child communicate efficiently.

Less Screen Time

With the development of social media and technology, there has been an increased use of gadgets amongst children. Parents are worried about the amount of time their children are spending using phones, laptops, and tablets. Fiction books are a good way to reduce their dependency on electronic gadgets and social media apps in particular.

Good Way to Unwind

There are plenty of stressors in kids’ lives as well, from upcoming tests to hard days at school. Fiction books are a great way to help them unwind and relax. Reading a fiction book can help them unwind and think about something other than what’s bothering them.

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