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The Geriatrics Vengeance Club
Three Brothers from Virginia
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A 3-D book with 12 original songs, the book looks at the summer of COVID through a comedic lens.  After losing his job and his sanity from fighting COVID and its ill-prescribed “cure,” Doctor Ben Polton joins with a band of his elderly patients on a mask-free concert tour as part of their grand adventure of defiance and self-preservation, where he finds love and purpose once again. 
An epic novel of the Civil War focusing on three brothers, two black and one white, as they fight battles, hatred, and each other before discovering the only thing that is really important in a world that defies them at every turn:  each other.
A two book series highlighting Yadel and his friend Clausius, two Roman Jews who find immortality during the war against Rome, as he leaps through Jewish history in a series of adventures and creates the holiday of Hanukah against a tide of zealotry, apathy, and enduring love.
A 3-D Book with 12 original songs, The Great Stupidity is a black comedy that chronicals the journey of a blacksmith during the Black Death as he, with half of Saint Ambrose's left toenail, seeks to find the other half so as to avert God's wrath, and on the way meets the Pope, the Great Frenchie, Flaggelates, and renegade Jews as he and his new friends learn just how absurd the world is.

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