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Uncared For

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Uncared For: A doctor’s insider guide to the overlooked cause of our health care crisis and how to cure it
Coming Soon, Summer 2023

In 1911 American health rejected the message of thoughtful and compassionate care prescribed by William Osler and leaped on the corporate-run road of number-chasing, protocols, and quick fixes as embraced by Abraham Flexner. 
This book shows us why what you think is “necessary and lifesaving” often is not, and how you can save yourself from a system that’s gone off the tracks.  The authors are both primary care physicans who are immersed in the health care system and who have collected copious data to share with the reader about what works, what doesn't, and what we can do to help move our system to a better place.  The authors also share their experiences with COVID; both are front line physicians who our response to the pandemic through the lens of the Flexner-Osler split.

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