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Coming Fall 2023

Rantings of a Front Line Heretic

A 3-D Book Experience

During the height of COVID, after my publication of the Geriatrics Vengeance Club where I described the early horrific days of COVID and its ritualistic dogmatic suppression of science and humanity in the name of profit, I began penning a blog to describe factually (and sometimes through the muse of satire) what was going on in our COVID-inspired Biostate.  These blogs are now part of my new book, with additional chapters added to shed light on why these past three years have been more frightening and deadly than most people truly understand.  The book is long, but the chapters stand on their own, and the reader can pick and choose what he or she wants to read.  From historical perspectives to a deeper look into facts and science to an anaylsis of who gained what from closing society and forcing us to mask and medicalize ourseves agaist our wills, this book explores how COVID shaped science and the world, and how we must confront it lest it raise its ugly head again.


The book is intended to be a 3-D experience, with original art woven into the text.  The book's artist is Farhanm Malik and she can be reached at

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