The Great Stupidity

A 3-D Book Experience


When the Black Death strikes a small village in France, the village leaders send a blacksmith's son to find the other half of Saint Ambrose's toenail which was stolen from their artifact collection, thinking that it is the reason for the plague.  On his way, the boy meets many who "know" how to cure it, from Flaggelates who whip themselves, to zealots who seek to kills Jews, to scientists who wave their hands and build 6 foot walls, to the Pope and the Great Frenchie himself.  He meets two friends and together they negotiate the land of death and crazy to finally realize that nothing makes any sense but their own friendship.  A black comedy with 12 songs, the book is an historical mirror through which to view ourselves, because when it comes down to it, nothing really changes.

The book is intended to be a 3-D experience, with music woven in.  For Songs, Scroll Below and Click the Song you want to hear, or download the album at Spotify or I-tunes or any music site