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Book of the Year Nominee

January 6th and the Millennial Horde_Front cover.jpg

January 6th and the Millenial Horde

A 3-D Book Experience

This dystopian novel asks what may have occurred if we insert two very passionate and driven fictional characters into the national narrative after the January 6th Capitol attacks.  Unwilling to tolerate the push back of “anti-lifers” and “anti-democrats” against the country’s struggle with COVID and Trumpism, Congressman Jim Depich and college student Mary Lou Kramer thrust America into a violent and retributive spiral that dismantles science and democracy in an effort to rescue them from perceived foes.  The book follows Jim Depich’s rise from a first term Pittsburgh congressman to the most powerful man in the world, dragging America’s leaders, students and ordinary people, and the nation’s very soul into the monsoon he creates to save America from itself.  Fictional versions of major figures including scientists, federal agents, politicians and TV doctors take us on a frightening and funny journey through the alternative reality that Jim Depich’s crusade against untruth and misinformation weaves.  With mock trials, hangings from the Capitol, and nuclear destruction of nations, this America is one that might have been and still can be.

The book is intended to be a 3-D experience, with original art woven into the text.  The book's artist is Farhanm Malik and she can be reached at

Praise from the San Francisco Book Review!

"I couldn't get enough of the intricate, thrilling plot of January 6th and the Millennial Horde....  The book's characters are the type you love and hate at the same time, which reflects the sort of duality that exists in a situation involving bad deeds carried out by well-meaning people."  SEE FULL REVIEW HERE

Given 5 Stars out of 5, a must read!

Praise from The Magic Pen, which wrote, "one of the best I’ve read this year" and made it a Book of the Year Nominee!

"I like the fact Lazris doesn’t sell out to PC agendas, and is willing to shoehorn his own, firsthand perspective, political points of view, and distinct brands of thought into the mix. The result is something that feels uncommonly fresh. In an era where entertainment in literary, cinematic, and televised forums is increasingly and ironically reflective of sociopolitical ills, Lazris just cuts through the crap and delivers something bighearted and unafraid of its potential provocations of inquiry."  SEE FULL REVIEW HERE

Praise from the Hollywood Digest:

"there’s no denying the passion Lazris has is infectious. January 6th and the Millennial Horde instantly pulls you in. There’s never a sense of narrative or even ideological slack. Everything is tightly wound, all coiled up like a spring, maintaining a sense of tension that strangles you in a psychological vice. The result is something that, provided you have an open mind and a willingness to hear, entertains, thought-provokes, and even can enrage (in a good way)."  SEE FULL REVIEW HERE

Praise from Online Book Club which made it a Book of the Year Nominee:

"I found the story's flow to be compelling, and the book's events perfectly merged, thus attracting all my attention. Although fictitious, the story seemed natural because of the nerve-chilling mystery scenes in the book.  I did not dislike anything about the book. It was flawless and exceptionally well edited. Therefore, I will rate it 4 out of 4 stars."  SEE FULL REVIEW HERE


Writes Clarion Reviews:

"Drawing on recent history, January 6th and the Millennial Horde is a satirical novel that critiques hypocritical political ideologies."

Pictures from the Book
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