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andy lazris
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Andy Lazris practices primary care and geriatrics in Columbia, Maryland, as well as being an author and speaker.  He is passionate about reforming health care and fighting for science and human decency.  He studied history at Brown University before obtaining his medical degree at Albert Einstein and University of Virginia.  He is currently pursing a Masters in History at Univeristy of Maryland.  On this site is information about his books, podcast, other writing, and music.

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Fiction Books

Jan 6 cover design two.jpg

San Francisco Book Review:  "I couldn't get enough of the intricate, thrilling plot of January 6th and the Millennial Horde....  The book's characters are the type you love and hate at the same time, which reflects the sort of duality that exists in a situation involving bad deeds carried out by well-meaning people."  SEE REVIEW

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The Geriatrics Vengeance Club

Seattle Book Review:  "This book is like a gift packed with an exciting mix of things: facts and references, profound arguments, captivating characters, relatable experiences, and an addictive storyline."


Three Brothers from Virginia

Kirkus Review:  “…the adventures of the brothers will keep readers curious about whether they will ever get back together or if forces beyond their control will keep them separated forever. [A] look at a cataclysmic time in American history.”

yadel cover.jpg

San Fran Book Review:  "Andy Lazris beautifully recounts Jewish history in an engaging, humorous manner."


Great Stupidity Cover Initial.jpg

"Laced with silly, irreverent humor, the book is a mix of Monty Python and Mel Brooks with comical anachronistic dialogue...squarely aimed at dogma and bigotry relevant to either side of today's political divide."

-Blueink Reviews  (click full review)

"A funny, respectful sendup of the unpredictable responses to a widespread plague."

-Kirkus Review (click full review)

Coming Summer 2023

In this series of inter-connected short stories, we see America twenty-five years into the state of emergency.  Following snippets of events and a sundry of characters, we see how people react to, thrive in, and become destroyed by the evolving biostate that has become the norm.


"Running Doc Unhinged" Podcast

Musical Compositions


If you’re interested in history, health, or any non-fiction categories, you’ve come to the right place. From Jewish history to the Civil war, you can buy plenty of non-fiction books that will help you understand history in a whole new light. Our online COVID-19 book store even has books on topics related to the health care system, health benefits, health reforms, risks of medical interventions, and more.

Since it’s run by a doctor, you’re sure to find only the most accurate information related to all topics. Feel free to check out the entire collection. You won’t be disappointed.

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