Utilizing Effective Risk Communication in COVID-19

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A BRCT is a familiar, theatrical chart representation of 1,000 people, with the risks and benefits shown by blackened seats. Since health outcomes can easily be put into such a chart, we show how BRCTs can be used objectively by professionals, the media and lay people. It allows characterization and communication of health benefits and risks of COVID-19 treatment and containment in an undemanding and straightforward way.

BRCTs have been successfully used to assist patients in determining:

·       Their level of acceptable risk of various medical interventions;

·       If the benefits of intervention outweigh the risks;

·       Who should make the final decision regarding medical intervention; and

·       Whether the decision is evidence-based. 

Short and to the point, written for people without a medical education, and with a low price-tag to make it more accessible to everyone, our book uses the BRCT concept to show the risks of COVID for you, and how various public policy decisions--from masks to school closings to quarantines to lock downs--either hurt or help people and society.
Written with information collected by experts in medical information and who have been on the front line of COVID, this book can help you understand COVID, health care, and what may be coming next.
This book demonstrates how a novel decision-aid, called a Benefit-Risk Characterization Theater (BRCT), can be used to: Significantly improve accurate communication of health risks from exposure to COVID-19; and Assess how to best contain and control COVID-19.

Written by experts in the field, this book fills in a gap in standardized and facile communication between the medical community, the public and patients. It also provides an area of expertise in communication that is beneficial for medical providers and medical students.