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The Geriatric Vengeance Club

A 3-D Book Experience

The Seattle Book Review Raves with 5/5 stars!
"I still don't know what magic made me devour the book and finish it surprisingly fast.  The book kept me glued until I reached the very last page."

The Geriatric Vengeance Club
The review continues: "This book is like a gift packed with an exciting mix of things: facts and references, profound arguments, captivating characters, relatable experiences, and an addictive storyline. It is not your usual story as it branches, several times, to logical arguments and historical references that make it resemble nonfiction. However, this is done tastefully as the author's use of language is splendid.  The Geriatrics Vengeance Club in the Era of COVID grabbed my attention from the start with its blunt views about the measures taken against COVID-19, kept me engrossed with its sarcasm and humor, and blew my mind with its intelligent discussions."  READ MORE



As Dr. Ben Polten becomes increasingly indignant at the dogmatic rituals and oppressive policies of a COVID response that robs him and his patients of their humanity and their lives, he snaps and is broken down by those who hold the reigns of power. But then his elderly patients teach Ben a lesson that each of them embraces:  vengeance is not to fight a direct battle against an unassailable foe. Vengeance is a path that allows them to preserve their own inner power and purpose despite that foe.


The Geriatrics Vengeance Club tells the story of Ben and his elderly patients who defy those depriving them of their autonomy in a world that has gone mad.  From a former NSA agent who sees conspiracy everywhere, to a delusional Cat Lady who knows more than she lets on, to a 103-year-old woman who likes to talk dirty, to a band of elderly singers and a quirky music executive who bring Ben on a whirlwind mask-free concert tour, Ben’s life is turned upside down.  Along the way he finds love and purpose, never turning his back on the battle that has defined him.  Through humor and a quiet defiance, Ben Polten finds his vengeance in the era of COVID. 

The book is intended to be a 3-D experience, with music woven in.  For Songs, Scroll Below and Click the Song you want to hear, or download the album at Spotify or I-tunes or any music site

"Geriatric Vengeance Club' is a fictional book about the new era of COVID from the perspective of Dr. Ben Polton, but it is also a full length album that features twelve corresponding songs! The concept of the book and albums' material was written and created by Dr. Andy Lazris, from Maryland. Andy found a way to deal with today's current issues by putting his own spin on things, and utilizing a great approach for taking on a serious topic. His use of hilarious lyrics, combined with thought provoking points on the matter, is intriguing and keeps the listener's attention"  -Erik Anderson, Music Reviewer, Radio Airplay

Professional Song Reviews

Reviews by Kristina Mondo, freelance music journalist

Set Me Free:  “Set Me Free examines attitudes and opinions about social consciousness, civil rights, and liberties in today’s society and the issues we’re facing, and the importance of freedom of choice.  The vocals are perhaps the song's greatest strength with a good vocal tone that is folky and sweet and fun and upbeat. It’s folk, indie pop at its best, and reminiscent of the sounds and songs in the film “ Juno”. However, it goes along with a pleasant melody and bright, melodic, happy chords.”

What Will They Think of Us:  “The strongest and most unique parts of this tune is in its melody and composition, with a bright beautiful, almost Latin sounding Spanish and acoustic guitar and a nice tone to the singer’s voice soft, mellow and almost spoken word like tells a story with great inflection and annunciation.”

Falling Apart:  “The tune has a cool singer/songwriter indie coffeehouse vibe. A mix of folk and blues the singer’s deep, sexy, raspy voice complements the somber, melancholy vibe that exudes from the song.  The tune’s pensive mood doesn’t make it unlikable just that [much] more interesting, and the beautiful acoustics from the guitar carry that message all the way through.”

Beautiful Girl:  “Beautiful Girl is an ethereal poetic tune, with a feather-like quality, it just floats on a sea of sound, the singer’s sweet-sounding, gentle voice combined with a country-folk melody is a calming source of peace that makes for an easy-listening tune. The vocals are this song’ strength; there is an interesting tone and accent to the singer’s voice, it has a folksy songwriter quality perfect for the indie genre and evokes a coffeehouse vibe.  Her voice is sweet, soothing and has a calming and almost meditative aspect to it.”

Reviews by Jon Wright, music educator

The Numbers Game:  “Geriatric Vengeance Club delivers a controversial message with endearingly organic flair in the original tune, The Numbers Game.  Rich vocals and a warmly jangling acoustic guitar culminate in an intimate Singer/Songwriter sound, skillfully unfurling a lyrical caricature of glory-seeking scientists amidst the mask safety messaging surrounding the global COVID pandemic. This is a strong recording, and the artist that was hired to arrange and perform the song has an engaging musical talent!  Earthy vocals and a bright but mellow acoustic guitar conspire to place this well within the realm of Folk or Singer/Songwriter music with just a touch of bouncy Punk-adjacent energy.”

Just Wear Masks:  "Just Wear Masks sings Geriatic Vengeance Club in a satirical Singer/Songwriter style as they explore the contradictory messaging surrounding the COVID pandemic.  Synthesizing soulful progressions, atmospheric effects, and a supremely catchy melodic hook, Just Wear Masks challenges not only the efficacy of facial coverings, but the motivations and attitudes of those that comply with mask mandates. The recording artist for this track has done a stellar job, and their vocal qualities and instrumental skill set produces an immersive and atmospherically rich Indie Folk soundscape with Singer/Songwriter sensibilities at its core.  The chorus hook of the song, "Da da da, da-da da-da da" is extremely catchy and gives a perfect burst of levity to an otherwise somber sound.”

The Nanny Generation:  "In a lyrically dense and tonally dire slice of Acoustic Rock, Geriatric Vengeance Club delivers The Nanny Generation - a scathing criticism of the current response to global pandemonium with a stripped-down sound and a high-energy performance!  With just a raspy voice and an acoustic guitar, "The Nanny Generation" takes a bite out of the highly-monitored, seemingly socially controlled climate of the U.S. response to COVID, as well as few other trouble topics."

Review by Erik Anderson:

COVID Is Coming:  "The comical approach to dealing with COVID is clever and creative, and Mary Lou's beautifully sung phrase 'watch where we fart' gets me every time! His use of hilarious lyrics, combined with thought provoking points on the matter, is intriguing and keeps the listener's attention throughout this track entitled COVID is Coming.

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