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Three Brothers from Virginia

Three Brothers from Virginia

An epic tale of love and liberation in the Civil War

Three Brothers from Virginia is saga of three brothers who live an idyllic life on their Virginia farm until society and the Civil War tear them apart and reveal their secret:  one brother is white, two are black, and together they love and thrive hidden behind the farm's fences.  Society will not allow them to be together, and thus must they escape, Paul to New York where he finds both joy and terror, Matt to the Confederate army, where is meets Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and becomes converted to a cause he does not fully understand, while Luke remains on the farm clinging to their sacred land even as those around him torture and abuse him. 

They are helped and harmed by many other characters, like Izzy the Jewish merchant from New York who pledges to forever protect them, to the doctor who is equally intent to preserve the status quo and squelch everything the brothers and their accomplishments represent. 
Set during the tumultuous years of the Civil War, Three Brothers explores the struggle between individuals and society, love and adherence to dogma, goodness and blind hate.  Through sweeping battles, riots, and endless adventures, the brothers must discover who they are in a world that despises them.

"The story unfolds at a brilliant pace, wielding tools like suspense, foreshadowing, flashbacks, an omnipresent narrator, and humor to good effect. Its prose is engaging and emotive, from the introduction of the boys to their battle to survive the war....  Three Brothers from Virginia is a potent historical novel in which brothers struggle to determine what cause might be worth dying for during the Civil War."

-Forward Reviews.  (see full review)

"Three Brothers from Virginia shows us how much humanity has grown and the dark place we’ve come from, reminding us not to repeat history and to fight for every person’s freedom, no matter how different they appear.  Prepare to be immersed in different engaging scenes, like the war scenes—with the smoke, fog, and bullets—that make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the battle.  This historical book is informative and rife with interesting conundrums, suspense, and unpredictable events. It would appeal to readers who love elaborate plots with a lot going on."

-San Franscicso Book Review. (see full review)

 “…the adventures of the brothers will keep readers curious about whether they will ever get back together or if forces beyond their control will keep them separated forever. [A] look at a cataclysmic time in American history.”-Kirkus Reviews"

-Forward Reviews.  (see full review)

 "This novel was engaging and entertaining from start to finish, and the overall plot flowed easily, drawing readers deeper into the story with each new page."

-Online book review.  (see full review)

"Holding the book together is the author's attention to character and the stron historical authenticity of many episodes, especially the New York Draft riots, and the reaction of Southerners, white and black, to the twisted cirucmstances of their lives."

-Blueink Reviews (see Full Review)

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