Three Brothers from Virginia

Three Brothers from Virginia
An epic tale of love and liberation in the Civil War
Three Brothers from Virginia tells the tale of Matt and his two enslaved brothers, Paul and Luke, who thrive upon their insulated Virginia farm until the Civil War forces them to stare into the face of a reality they so long eluded. As Paul flees to New York, Matt joins the Confederate army, and Luke remains a slave, the brothers are thrown into sweeping battles, riots, and a cloud of enmity, their values and lives tested by a festering intolerance that threatens the only truth they ever knew.

At its core the book explores the perils and fragility of forbidden love in a world governed by an uncompromising adherence to dogma. Torn from everything they cherish, each brother must survive the war before being thrust back together in a new reality. This epic tale of the Civil War explores the power of individuals to endure in a hypocritical and self-serving society.

“…the adventures of the brothers will keep readers curious about whether they will ever get back together or if forces beyond their control will keep them separated forever. [A] look at a cataclysmic time in American history.”

-Kirkus Reviews