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Which Books You Should Include In Your Checklist

Reading has been a part of our lives for many centuries. However, with advancements in technology, many people have lost interest in reading and prefer to spend their time watching movies and documentaries based on those books. Fiction books might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and it may take a bit more attention and time to understand the concepts in these books. However, they can teach you some rewarding concepts that can help you become a better individual.

However, sitting for long hours in front of a screen can be extremely harmful to your health compared to reading fiction books. Take a look at these three books that you should include in your checklist:

1. The Geriatric Vengeance Club

Dr. Ben Polton has spent his whole career battling the healthcare system. When COVID-19 takes over his professional life, he tries everything he can to shield his clients from the outbreak and from cruel treatment enforced on them. Ben eventually succumbs to forces outside of his control until an unpredicted signal saves his life and sends him on an epic journey.

The Geriatrics Vengeance Club follows Ben and a limited number of his senior patients as they fight back against those who are robbing them of their liberty in a society that has lost touch with reality.

Ben's life is twisted with the assistance of a former NSA representative, a cat hoarder who is a CIA intelligence agent, a 103-years-old lady who enjoys talking dirty, and a rock group who take Ben on a tumultuous mask-free national tour, enriching him with passion and purpose in a fight that appears to shape him.

2. The Great Stupidity

"The Great Stupidity" is a clever fictional story that critiques a major health catastrophe. Andy Lazris brings readers back to the Middle Ages when the Black Death ravaged a little community in France. The villagers send a cobbler's son on a ludicrous mission to find a cure, and along the way, he meets a slew of "advisers" who "truly understand" how to address the problem.

The majority of the book's story elements are inspired by historical events, and the book's multiple excursions, interactions, and hilarious situations mirror the facts of what happened eight hundred years ago and what we are facing now during the Covid outbreak.

3. The Adventures Of Yadel The Dreidel

The book's narrator, Andy Lazris, has a dark sense of humour, yet he also portrays enormous swaths of Jewish history with emotion, including genocides, dehumanization, hardships, and tragedies. The author, in his book, further explains the emergence of fanaticism and how it devastated Jewish people and pushed them away from their homeland. The theme of unity, tranquility, and humans coming together, and the dangers of zealotry had been presented in an engaging writing mode.

If you’re into fiction books, you can further learn about our books by contacting us through our website.

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