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5 Amazing Habits Of Good Readers And Writers

Research says you need to be a good reader first to be a good writer, and if we think about it, these things do complement each other one way or another. People who are good at either of these skills are good at the other. As to get good at these skills, they start developing habits that normal people don’t really think of, for example:

They Visualize Everything

One of the best habits of a good reader and writer is that they are very good at visualizing. They can connect with the characters, setting, and events because they can easily create a mental picture of the whole scene by just reading the text.

Associate Things With Experiences

A good reader associates whatever they read with their experiences. In simpler terms, they are more likely to remember something they’ve read because they immediately make connections between their life and the text or even some worldly experience with the text.

Anticipate Everything

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They will also always be good at anticipation. They will try to make predictions while further investigating the text for meaning and clarity. You can encourage your child to talk about what they think will happen in the story or notice all the foreshadowing to help develop these habits.

Monitors Understanding

One common habit all good readers and writers have is that they will always try to stop and monitor how they comprehend everything before moving on. For example, a child would stop and analyse their understanding of the text while checking the meanings of the words they don’t understand. Furthermore, they might even try to read the text again for better clarity; this process enables better comprehension and improves the child's vocabulary.

Skim Through Everything

Perhaps one of the best habits of a good reader and writer is their ability to read everything fast and accurately. They can comprehend sentences by just skimming through them. With practice, these people reach a certain point where they can skim paragraphs and understand what the text means.

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