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"A MUST READ"  Seattle Book Review

Adventures in the Biostate_Andy Lazris_eBook cover.jpg

Adventures in the Biostate

A 3-D Book Experience

Set 25 years in the future, when a Committee of Medical Experts now rules the land, this interconnected series of stories takes us into the lives of people both living under and helping to protect the new power wrought by an unending state of emergency and a national focus on manufactured medical crises. The book is both funny and frightening, feeding off cracks that have begun to form in the Biostate and following a set of unrelated people who come together to budge the nation in a new direction. The stories span only a few weeks, and bring us from Africa, Chicago, and DC, culminating in an epic battle set in a tiny park just south of Baltimore. As new truths sputter out and the depths of deception are revealed, the characters must fight for their lives and the lives of what they believe in a nation hypnotized into a cloudy submission to the illusion of an unassailable truth. Who will win and lose is the question that encompasses the entire book and shakes the very foundations of a society gone off the rails.

The book is intended to be a 3-D experience, with original art woven into the text.  The book's artist is Farhanm Malik and she can be reached at

Praise from the Seattle Book Review!

"Adventures in the Biostate is not only an engrossing fiction that’s hard to put down for even a second, it’s also a greatly insightful book that serves as a warning on the grim reality of a future of relying completely on modern systems as opposed to embracing natural, healthy living or asking important questions. Like Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Catcher in the Rye, there’s a lot of truth hidden in Andy’s book. It’s a must-read!"

See the full review here.

Praise from Blue Ink Reviews:

"Lazris succeeds in penning an imaginative fast-paced action story typical of dystopian literature involving an oppressive government controlling a society through misinformation and technology."

Pictures from the Book
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