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Oratory Skill Trumps Fact: An American Tale

Have you heard of the trumpeter swan? Trumpet swan for short, this bird was named for its French horn-esque honk. A heavy and occasionally aggressive bird, they're incredibly offended by disturbances in their nesting areas and use their blaring honks to establish dominance, because other than nipping with their beaks, they're pretty defenseless. Sound familiar?


A dog dancing for a cupcake

It's sort of like how chihuahuas and public spokespeople elapse into a sort of squawky barks when their territory is threatened. On the other hand, if you offer them a treat, they'll do whatever dance you command them to. In my last book, January 6th and the Millenial Horde, we follow an America that responded very differently to the Capitol attacks, and hot off the presses, it was slapped with a nomination for Book of the Year and some glowing reviews.

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The fact that politicians are willing to perform for the highest bidder (big pharma) is nothing new. If you shop for healthcare reform books online, it's outlined in black, white, and color that Congressmen and senators alike have been writing and passing bills like love letters to whoever holds the place of the biggest donor to their campaign. That's not the whole problem.

The even bigger problem is how the masses place their trust, futures, and lives in the hands of individuals who exhibit no real skill or ability that proves them worthy of running a country. What they do show on stage, watched by the impressionable eyes of America, is zeal and spittle as they blast strong opinions into a microphone.

Winner Trumps All

The infamous speaker who trumped every statistic and fact passed in front of him during live interviews managed to rise to the spot of the most powerful man in the world. If you buy Civil War-related books online, it's not so hard to understand how the public could be swayed so far in the wrong direction. However, in 2016, America and the world stood pale-faced as results rolled in.

How was it possible for a presidency to be so easily stolen by somebody with no political experience and laundry lists of nonsensical promises?

Multiple gold medals in one hand

It's no big mystery. Battlecry and stone-faced resolve have been preferred to common sense for a long time; it's only those who choose not to read the history books that are shocked by this. So rallying speeches and impossibly attractive ideas and goals put staunchly forward by a man in a tie, amplified by "neutral" tech companies, bring forth the hordes that fancy themselves repressed.

An onslaught of racism was lured out of the corners of America, not because there was a place for it, but because it was invited. When those who flout common sense are gathered and shouted at that they're welcome with or without their wits about them, of course, the hateful dogma will spread. If you order nonfiction books to read, it's clear that in every election, it's been the well-liked candidate who's prevailed. The one who inspires, regardless of what they inspire.

Clinton On A Hot Tin Roof

The Clinton presidency ended with a bill of offenses, including abuse of power and perjury, none of which were seen by the senate as worthy of removing a presidency. However, in the 2016 presidential election, when the former secretary of state held the torch as the first female nominee, anyone with a brain could see she didn't stand a chance.

A sad puppet

Forever tied to her husband's crimes and next to her opponent, far more logical than riveting, she didn't fill up the pedestal like a victor needed to. Perhaps capable of running a country, at least to the same degree as past presidents, and adhering strictly to the decorum one would expect from a contender, the second Clinton was interrupted on stage, berated over an email scandal, and publicly denounced as weak.

All the while, her opponent walked in a spiraling storm of allegations, incriminations, and evidenced claims. An American icon at its finest.

buy affordable fiction books about presidents, and it's clear that one of the determining factors is malleability. Clinton, steadfast and stable, might have stayed true to certain goals, determined to set an example and prove herself.

The winner of the election showed little chance of being able to fulfill any promises and essentially was like a blank cheque to donors. After all, what's a puppet worth when it has a mind of its own? Civil War books online prove that for atrocities to occur, complicity is as necessary as action, and a man with no idea what he was doing made the idea scapegoat.

A puppet show by children

Biden Time To The Win

Biden built his empire on a platform of change and repair, but ask a Biden voter about the policies they favour, how they feel about the campaign donors, and the results they expect from Biden. You can expect answers as nonspecific as can be. So how does that make him any different from his predecessors? Quite frankly, most don't know because most don't care.

You see, the presidential campaign is nothing more than a popularity contest to see whose speeches are the most eclectic, whose ideas are the most outlandish, and whose crowds are the loudest.

He Fitz Right In

Take the beloved John F. Kennedy. The 1960 election was cemented by his selection of Johnson as Vice President and his charged rebuttals to claims about his religion, youth, ill health, and past mistakes.

Above all Kennedy saw a victory in because he stepped into the role like Cinderella into glass shoes. The nation, in true Disney prince fashion, swooned at the image of a president who could mirror and respond to Nixon's tactics.

His propaganda-heavy campaign sold him more as a person than as a leader. He was the picture of the American dream, with the perfect wife and for all his audience, knew a self-made life. Really he came from a family of wealth and influence, and anything his opponent did, he was able to bankroll something better. To the seeing eye, he was like a protagonist from a historical fiction book.

An ironic text on a banknote

Given that it's the mass money that delivers a candidate to the oval office, the educated voter would know that all the speaker does is entertain the public with a glorified puppet show for the length of the campaign. Once in office, they do as the marionettes of their donors guide them. As regular people purchase nonfiction books, corporations purchase politicians so that they can write their own rules, futures, and records.

In the USA, we have Super Pacs (Political Action Committees) or hybrid PACs. There's a limit of $5,600 for individuals put in place so that no one person has an unfair amount of influence. However, with a hybrid PAC, donors aren't disclosed, and millions just roll in. This is fully allowed by the policy because, of course, when rules are created for the average person, a loophole must be cut out for the wealthy.

The Moral of History

The only thing that will fix America is a total renovation of policy. Everything from the healthcare system to criminal law is so flawed it's incredible that they're still in place. Medicare, for instance, designed by the government to save the most vulnerable in our society from medical debt, has tucked most beneficiaries into debt that's likely to follow them t the grave.

If you check out Curing Medicare, I pitch a system that would actually work, but not with the systemic profiteering done at the expense of the masses. This nonfiction book is thrilling and comedic for anyone shopping for healthcare system-related books. Published with Cornell University Press, this book has drawn in doctors and patients alike with insights fed by real-life experiences.

If only people could look just a little bit deeper and see past the smoke and mirrors into the objectives of the true perpetrators, they might understand who they're angry at. AT present, our democracy wonders lost in a labyrinth of mirrors, being repeatedly told that it's the citizens who are to blame for all the world's problems.

A woman mad at a man

Reading a little bit of historical or medical fiction from time to time can help clear up a lot of misconceptions or at least give you some perspective into the way the world works. The Geriatric Vengeance Club, a 3D fictional book online, makes a great point about the power of knowledge and of the individual. However, it's important to remember that the people in charge are still the people in charge.

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