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Now We Don't Need Masks? Thank you CDC, but it's a little late for that!

Updated: May 28, 2021

"They mock the onces not wearing them, say they're selfish jerks, that they're killing all humanity, that masks are the only thing that works.

We feed them bogus studies, CNN shames all those with doubt

And all the world pretends its safer. Isn’t that what it’s all about?" -From Just Wear Masks, Geriatrics Vengeance Club

Imagine you are a frail, elderly person in a nursing home. Each day you look forward to hugs and a smile from your nurse and aide, to seeing your friends, to activities and communal meals, to a trip on the bus. Imagine you are a nurse or a doctor and you can't wait to hug your patient, laugh with her, smile and make her feel better.

Now imagine the picture above. This is what the CDC and Anthony Fauci put us through for over a year. Each day this is how we had to dress, suffocating behind masks and shields, not able to touch our patients, pushed away from being the healers who we imagine ourselves to be. Each day our vulnerable elderly patients had to see us as inhuman creatures who they can't see or hear and who wander in and keep our "socially-safe" distance, wondering what happened to the cheerful and loving souls who had always cared for them. So many of them gave up, became scared and agitated, more confused. So many fell and stopped eating. So many died from the torment. A year of horror perpetrated by the CDC and Anthony Fauci. A year of horror caused by unrelenting soulless health departments and governors who lacked all human decency, who did not care about the toll being extracted on our caregivers and frail elders who suffered under the weight of their masks and of a dictatorial belief in the need for us to do something that most of us knew was lethal and ineffective. But we had no voice, we were not allowed to speak up, we just had to suffer in silence as the "experts" ruled over all our lives.

And now the CDC says, "Oh, it's ok, you don't have to wear all that, sorry guys, my bad." Just like that, they get off the hook. Anthony Fauci hasn't relented. This man who spit out myth and misinformation like Niagara Falls and claimed it was science, this man who was the hero to the liberal media and to so many educated and "humanistic" people who never questioned anything he said and who followed his every word like it was from God Himself, this man still says to wear masks. Why? Because he is Anthony Fauci. And that seems to be enough.

From the very start of this crisis, even before it hit our shores, we knew that masks were not the answer. Multiple studies on influenza outbreaks just as severe as this one showed us that masks neither protect the wearer of them nor reduce disease spread, facts that were available over a year ago and summarized in the Cochrane data base. We had other studies that showed that they didn't work, and of course we also had reality; in long term care, everyone wore masks all the time, and yet people somehow caught COVID-19 anyway, they died anyway, and all we could say was, "Guess we need two masks" or "Guess people weren't wearing them right." Yes, educated doctors, some at the most prestigious institutions, public health officials, that's what they said. "Just keep wearing your mask, and we'll be ok." Or, as my Governor liked to say, knowing nothing but spouting out his scientific certainty nonetheless, "Just wear your damned mask."

And so we did, and it was all for nothing. We suffered and our patients suffered. We put ritual and dogma ahead of human decency and science. Doctors did this. Smart people walking on the street who only knew what they heard on CNN and MSNBC, they demanded that everyone comply. What's the harm? It's saving lives? Dr. Fauci says it works.

And yet, this picture shows what I and so many others faced every day. I saw more death caused by this mask-based lunacy than i did from COVID-19. It wasn't even close. All those people who felt so sure and self-righteous that we had to wear masks, they didn't see what I saw, they obviously didn't try to learn the facts and understand the truth. To them, science was what MSNBC said it was, what Anthony Fauci said it was, what the CDC said it was. And thus, they are all culpable in perpetrating this crime, a murderous and horrid crime, one that will leave scars and horror on the lives of countless caregivers and elders.

So, now we don't have to wear the masks? And the CDC and the media and all the mask zealots who shamed any who dare question this horrific gospel, all of them get off scotch free? Just like that? All the doctors who insisted that masks work, despite every single shred of scientific evidence showing just the opposite, they can just continue their self-serving illusion that they were trying to do the right thing, and that they had science on their side?

No, it can't be that easy. It's hard to sleep at night knowing that the CDC can simply get away with this, that all of them can. They killed so many people and ruined so many lives with their dogmatic insistence on myth. They took away our rights and locked us up behind these suffocating pieces of nonsense.

In my books, especially Three Brothers from Virginia, The Geriatrics Vengeance Club and Yadel the Dreidel, I talk about how those who embrace myths as justification for horrid acts believe themselves to be pure and scientific. The doctor in Three Brothers insists that African-Americans are inferior based on his study of skulls; it's all science to him, as it was to countless others who enslaved and tortured people based on scientific "facts." When science becomes a tool of those who do harm, then it's not science, it's a crime against humanity. And the mask zealotry, the mask laws, the mask policy of the CDC, that's what it was. A crime against humanity. People need to understand. Read my book on COVID communication; the facts are laid out as clear as the sky, facts to which all these policy makers and experts and doctors had access. They knew that masks were ineffective, they knew they might be harmful, and they lied and deceived us and prevented us from adapting more humane and effective strategies that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and not turned our world into a nightmare. Why did they do it? Because it's easier to feed people snake oil than to tackle a problem scientifically. That's what American health care has done for decades, and that's what COVID-19 was all about from day one.

Thank you CDC for telling us that we don't have to wear masks. But it comes a year too late. And you have blood on your hands that doesn't wash off so easily.

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