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How To Make Time for Reading When You've Got a Busy Schedule

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When you're busy, the idea of reading a book can seem like an impossible feat. It can be hard to find time each day for a proper meal between work and family obligations, let alone find time to read! Yet most people know that reading is an important part of personal development and education.

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The ability to read and digest written material is a skill that has become lost in the hustle of modern life. As much as we rely on technology, reading remains an important way to keep up with current events and develop critical thinking skills. If you're having trouble finding time in your schedule for reading, here are some tips for fitting it into your day:

1. Create a reading ritual that you do before bed

A reading ritual is a way to get more books into your life without having them take over your schedule. By carving out just a little bit of time each day to read, you'll be able to enjoy plenty of great fiction or non-fiction books and still have plenty of time for other things.

Remember, the key to making it work is to make it very small. You don't want to leave yourself with a large amount of extra time that you're not sure what to do with. You want this reading ritual to be easy and non-negotiable.

2. Listen to audiobooks

We all know that reading is a necessary aspect of education and career building, but it is often difficult to find the time to read regularly with so many distractions. After the invention of audiobooks, people have started to listen and read simultaneously. Audiobooks are becoming more interesting now as they can be downloaded and listened to via online book stores.

The best time to listen to audiobooks is while on the train or bus, or doing chores around the house or garden. You will get more reading done if you listen or read during your commute to work and back.

3. Find a quiet, comfortable place to read

To make time for reading, find a quiet place to read. Reading is a practice and requires a certain comfort level to get into the habit of it. The more comfortable you are with your surroundings, the more likely you will find time for reading.

If your mind is constantly in thought mode, you'll have difficulty settling down to read. To make time for reading, create a space with minimal distractions and minimal noise.

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If you're a busy person, it can be tough to make time for reading. In this blog, we listed some simple tips that will help you schedule time for reading without feeling stressed about it. We hope these tips have been helpful! Shop at Andy Lazris if you want to buy Jewish history books or shop Health Care System related books from our non-fiction bookstore online.


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