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Four Medical Fiction Books That Should Be On Your New Year Reading List

Just as the year is coming to an end and you’ll get plenty of time on your hands to indulge in book reading, we have a list of books that will inspire medical professionals and those with interest in the field. Whether you’re a newbie in the line of work or a veteran with a fair share of medical practice, the books by Dr. Andy Lazris are sure to keep you captivated for the whole holiday season.

Ranging from diverse topics of patient-physician communication to a more practical approach to mitigating risks amidst the Covid-19, these four books provide the readers with a realistic context.

Utilizing Effective Risk Communication in COVID-19

Ever since the pandemic struck the world, it has been in chaos. The virus, its variants, and mutations makes it hard to keep a check on the threats COVID poses. This book uses the concept of benefit and risk assessment to convey safe communication methods between medical professionals and the patients during the risks of COVID 19.

Based on the knowledge of medical experts, this book aims to improve the containment and control of COVID as well as emphasize the importance of maintaining effective communication with the patients. In addition, it also touches upon the guidelines of the pandemic and their impact on the people.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – COVID Communication

It is believed pictorial representations are far more powerful than mere facts and numbers. Through this book, the layman can understand safety protocols one has to adhere to during this time. While it’s true that the medical fraternity is responsible for educating the general public, it’s not always quite possible. This book helps the reader understand the best practices and precautions while living in a world full of COVID threats.

Interpreting Health Benefits and Risks

A healthy relationship requires effective communication, and the relationship between a doctor and patient has to have one too. This book acts as a guide for physicians-patients communication skills to help them bridge the gap. With a list of benefits and risks in the medical line, this book emphasizes the importance of maintaining a relationship with the patient while ensuring safe practices to mitigate risks.

Curing Medicare

Narrating some personal incidents, this book reflects son account of American geriatric patients who were wrongly catered to. This book aims to help the readers understand that patients are more than just numbers. The book reiterates the need to protect our elderly from the risk of too much medical care.

More from the Collection

For those with the love of reading, any book is a good book. However, if you like fact-based yet entertaining readings, head over to see the books at Andy Larzis. Humor, fiction, non-fiction, medical books as well as books more books on doctor’s training and communication skills, there’s a plethora of books to choose from. We can be reached out for details here.

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