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Delta Force: The Plague that Never Ends

"What will they say of us, all our daughters and our sons, Will they all pray for us, for the damage that we’ve done? Our leaders and the media, made this virus more severe. We shackled all our children, although they had no much to fear. We morphed a viral outbreak into a catastrophic plague, We closed down our society, what an error we had made!"

-What Will they Think of Us, Geriatrics Vengeance Club

Recently I was wandering into a large retirement community that had been on lockdown for a year and a half and was finally starting to crawl out of its womb. We had many COVID cases in the assisted living and nursing home there and, after the initial wave hit last Spring, none died (we do have effective treatment, despite what the CDC may insinuate); most didn’t’ even know they had it. Early on, when it hit hardest, we lost 2 people to COVID, one of whom was end of life. During this past year and a half we lost countless dozens of poor souls in this facility to the oppressive quarantine, and many more became weak, depressed, and more confused. But now we were at least coming out of this horror. Or so I thought.

On my way in that day, still forced to wear a mask, CNN was on the TV, and their astute anchors announced that stocks had tumbled for fear of the new Delta variant that was increasing cases of COVID. They had their tickertape going, but since virtually no one was dying, it was all about cases, because now that’s enough to scare people into submission. I wandered into the wellness center, and I told some of the nurses about this new “Virus from Outer Space.” I wore my masks on my ears (as pictured) and said that Fauci was right, two masks do work, because Delta hits us from the side and we must be ready! Some laughed, but one nurse, who is a little older, and who at the start of this was very frightened of COVID, did not.

“Andy,” she said to me. “When are they going to let this go? How long are they going to keep scaring us? I am not the same person I was last year. I am emotionally damaged. I can’t walk from here to my car without wheezing; that’s what wearing this mask every day has done to me. I am beaten down. When are they going to let this go?”

I can’t say I blame her. Both of us agreed that we really can’t talk about this with anyone other than those, like us, who went through it. They called us heroes, but that we were not. We were just compliant stooges to a policy that we knew was ineffective and dangerous. And in the process, our own souls, our own mental stability, and physical wellness, hit rock bottom.

As I lived in the masked world that I have described in my book Geriatrics Vengeance Club, a world devoid of humanity and driven by protocol-based terror, one in which science and decency fell prey to dogma and dictatorial ritual, I did fall apart. I cried every day. I started wheezing from the masks, and feeling tired and short of breath, something that continues to plague me. I put myself on antidepressants. On several occasions I seriously thought about killing myself, driving into a tree at high speed. These were scary thoughts that took over my brain! Like Doctor Ben in my book, I realized I simply could not live in this world, one in which a collective zombie-like compliance overtook almost everyone I respected, in which people told me that they were “living the dream” because they were able to work from home even as I descended into the depths of hell every day, where the media and our political and scientific leaders had effectively put us on their leashes and were pulling us away from any world in which I wanted to live, when we were killing people in the name of science and medicine. My instincts to die were real and strong.

The only thing that stopped me, in the end, was anger. The need to reveal the perfidy of those who perpetrated this massacre of science and humanity, and those who blindly followed them. That is my life’s mission now. No one may listen, but I will keep up my fight. And I am a changed person, unable to really exist in the world I knew before, unable to interact with those who do not understand what I went through, no longer enjoying the simple things in life, always bitter and angry. But, too, I am passionate about changing minds, which is why I write despite the fact no one is listening, and why I refuse to give up. Or die.

And now we have Delta, the variant to end all variants, a reason for CNN to keep us scared, for the CDC to spit out its nonsense and wrap it in fabricated science, for places to insist on continued mask use and social isolation, perhaps even for Pfizer to force us to get a booster. My well-educated friends and some family, they continue to believe that CDC is the mouthpiece of science. Really? Like, when the CDC says that all unvaccinated kids have to wear masks in school, as they just did, that makes sense, right? I mean, they are the CDC, and our scientific President agrees with them as well. Just like when they told us to wear two masks and wash our hands for twenty seconds for a virus that doesn’t live on surfaces.

In our book Understanding COVID-19 Risks: An image is worth more than 1,000 words, Erik Rifkin and I distill the facts about COVID-19 into 1000 seat theaters, as we have done in our other books, including a new one coming out by Springer next month. So, what about kids wearing masks in school? We show beyond a shadow of a doubt, using all available evidence, that masking kids will save no lives, and it may well cause harm to the kids. That is why for the benefits of masking we have this theater: number of lives saved from kids wearing masks out of 1000 who wear them: none.

And for the risks of masking, we have this theater: damage done to kids from masking: We don’t know.

In fact, there are hints in the literature that putting masks on kids for prolonged periods will cause physical, intellectual, and emotional damage. Like it has to me and the nurse who told me of her plight, and so many countless hundreds of thousands of us “heroes” who blindly complied to the wills of modern science. We know masks don’t help kids, we think masks may harm them, and thus, with such information in its pocket, the CDC has declared that all kids must either get immunized or wear masks. And by the way, immunization has never been shown to protect kids whose risk of dying of COVID is about the same as their risk of dying of a lightening strike this year, and immunization may well harm kids, we just don’t know, making those theaters exactly the same: One with no seats (benefit) and one with a ? (risks). This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics cautions strongly against both masking and immunizing kids, something the CDC choses to ignore. This is our new science. Faucisim, as I say in my book, is ritual wrapped in dogma and perpetrated by those who profit from our ignorance.

And so, too, is the Delta variant, another tactic to empower those who have taken away all our rights, scare the compliant into persistent submission, and enable CNN to continue to attract a big audience. The CDC and Fauci have said that Delta is a real threat. Close down society, triple mask! God help anyone not immunized, we may need a booster, hide in your basements, the apocalypse is coming!

What is Delta? It is one of many strains of COVID; viruses have strains, that’s just the way it is, some are more infectious, some are more deadly, some are both. Thankfully, Delta is infectious without being deadly. When a similar strain of the 1918 influenza bug showed up—one that was very contagious but not very deadly—it saved the world from catastrophe. Why? Because the flu bug that killed the equivalent of 300 million people, that killed 10% of all young people on the planet earth (compared to this bug, that spares young people), was raging in a population that had no treatment and no immunization. The rapidly moving strain that took over in 1919 gave people immunity and thus ended the pandemic. That’s kind of what Delta is like. It’s what we hope for. It doesn’t hurt those who have antibodies from either immunization or prior infection, and is far milder than the strain of COVID that hit us last year, thus infecting/immunizing people without killing huge numbers or overwhelming our hospitals.

It used to be that the CDC and Fauci and CNN were focused on just that: we need to save lives and prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. But now, it’s all about how many people are infected; they roped us in to caring about that meaningless metric. As we show in our book, theaters of young people who are infected show far fewer deaths than those of old people, and theaters of those who are old and immunized far fewer deaths from COVID (virtually none) than those not immunized. Immunization is a choice, and as long as Delta is conferring immunity without being the devastating virus we saw last Spring, then why are we being put back into fear mode? It’s almost like a Twilight Zone experience, that we have been transformed into a nation where a bad cold will shut us down, where people are being are being compelled to engage in acts that don’t help them and may harm them, where personal choice has been robbed from us under the pretense of false premises. That’s how I feel; totally alienated from society, knowing that my only path to peace is to turn around and run!

Most of my fiction books delve into the lives of good people who are similarly suffocated by a hypnotized society. Paul, the hero of Three Brothers from Virginia, is a smart, passionate, hard-working, good hearted African American whose soul is ripped from him because, as a slave, he can never be the man he knows he is capable of becoming. When he runs away, and tries to help the abolitionist movement, he is marginalized and almost murdered because he has eschewed a belief in Christianity, which he believes is mythical and a justification for slavery, but which abolitionists cling to as necessary. Finally, he realizes that only by leaving society can he be free. Similarly, in Yadel the Dreidel, to be published in August, Yadel watches helplessly as zealots convince the Jewish population of Roman Judea to self-destruct and choose dogma over humanity, and then spends his life helping dispossessed Jews who have been marginalized and murdered by Christian zealots. He too is unable to be part of a society that is both inhumane and married to dogma. In my upcoming novel The Great Stupidity, Smith seeks to “fix” the black death by gluing together Saint Ambrose’s nail, but finds only hate and stupidity along his travels, as those with a heart and a soul are considered sinners.

This is my life with COVID. It has been a horror show.

And with Delta, the horror show is continuing. Masks on kids, forced immunization, impending travel restrictions, the desecration of science, a voluntary exorcism of our human rights all for a strain of a virus that we should be applauding. Sure, people will die of Delta, kind of like they die of other viruses, but they’ll die and suffer more from our irrational reaction to Delta that has taken over the airwaves and been falsely associated with science. It is not.

Soon enough Dr. Fauci and his goons will be finding COVID “variants” in the drinking water, coming from outer space, and even bursting through our computer screens. CNN and its scientific flunkies will terrify humanity, and we’ll fall prey to yet another hoax. And when than happens, there’s only one thing we can do. Time to call on Delta Force!

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