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Best Books on Jewish History Young Adults Should Read

Reading history books might not be a favorite thing to do for most young people, but the need to do so can’t be undermined. To help teenagers and particularly those who wish to know more about Jewish history, The Adventures of Yadel the Dreidel books are an interesting option to explore. With two books, the fictional tale is one of the many amazing titles penned down by Dr. Andy Lazris – the writer of the acclaimed medical book Interpreting Health Benefits and Risks.

So what’s so special about The Adventures of Yadel the Dreidel books? Well, for starters, they are full of encompassing details about Jewish history in the simplest of manners and has witty narration that grabs the attention of a younger audience.

Importance of Hanukkah

In book one, Yadel, the immortal being, travels around the world like Santa Claus to shower children with gifts and candies. In his endeavors, he continues to propagate the vital importance of Hanukkah to Jewish families as he dances and sings for festivities.

Message of Hope

According to Yadel’s believes, it’s the inner light of the Jewish people that helps them sustain and survive the hardest of times – just like it has in the past. He reminds people of the message of Hanukkah and continues to spread joy along the way through his humor and kindness. Here, in this book, the communication skills of Yadel are reflected in powerful dialogues.

Lessons of Strength

During his journey around the world, Yadel also reflects back on the history of Jewish people and reiterates to the young and novice that they have what it takes to overcome any obstacle in life—starting from the current Covid-19 era and reaching back to Rome 65 AD, where he meets Simon and Clausius. Yadel’s journey is full of adventure, wisdom, and lessons of Hanukkah.

The Dark Days

The journey of Yadel continues as he wanders off to 81 AD, where he narrates the rise of Zealots and reflects on the misery of Jewish people under Roman emperors. The book then narrates the ride of the Jewish people against all odds. Throughout the tale of Yadel, he brings about the guidance of Torah, focuses on the importance of Hanukkah, and keeps reminding his audience of the wonderful legacy Jewish people have to live up to.

Why Should You Read it?

For young people, The Adventures of Yadel the Dreidel is a wonderful opportunity to look into the history of Jewish people uniquely. The time-traveling aspect, the world voyage, and Yadel’s relatable personality make these books a source of learning and joy for the readers.

Whether it’s about the rebellious nature of Clausius or the devoted Simon, Jews around the world can find themselves relating to the fictional characters Dr. Lazris has constructed in his books.

More on History

If you fall in love with The Adventures of Yadel the Dreidel story, head over to Andy Lazris for more insightful fictional books on Civil War and African-American history. If you have a knack for non-fiction books, then the website is full of books on the physician-patient relationship, Risk Communication During COVID-19, and doctors training books. For more information, click here.

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