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5 Ways Reading Books Can Transform Your Life

We often hear how important reading is for a person of any age. Some focus on its academic benefits and others hold it crucial children’s development. However, no matter why you read, every reader reaps the benefits of this hobby in one way or another. Here are a few ways reading is likely to improve the quality of your life.

1. Helps reduce daily stress

The pandemic has made it impossible for many of us to enjoy a work-life balance. Working from home has been seen to multiply the level of stress. Reading has been proven to minimize psychological distress in various studies and is known to relieve hypertension as well. A passage or few from any book you enjoy can help you mentally rewind and take the psychological burden off you.

2. Helps manage your sleep schedule

For those of us who experience difficulty falling asleep, reading can be the most useful technique to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep. With barely a few pages each night, you can notice your sleep schedule aligns better with your routine. However, doctors recommend reading a print book instead of one on a digital device to limit your screen time. When you spend a few minutes away from bright screens before bedtime, your body’s circadian rhythm would no longer be as disturbed, and you will sleep peacefully every night.

3. Improves your life expectancy

Various health benefits are commonly observed in regular readers. It is known to reduce the symptoms of depression and high blood pressure and improve heart rate, all of which end up increasing your life expectancy. A regular reader is likely to live a mentally and physically fulfilling, long life of quality and substance.

4. Helps you stay sharp

As we grow older, our brain’s function is usually expected to decline and deteriorate. Reading is among the many effective mental exercises that help reduce or even prevent cognitive decline in old age. Purchase non-fiction books from our online store and read up on your favorite topics of interest.

5. Helps improve linguistics

Whether you are a native or a non-native speaker of English, reading quality books is guaranteed to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and overall linguistics. Visit Andy Lazaris’ website to buy fiction or non-fiction books online and watch your physical and mental health improve with reading.

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