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4 Books That Are Hysterical And Educational

If laughter is the best medicine and the American healthcare system doesn't have any plans to do much else but act as a recruiter for donors to big pharma, then I suggest you laugh. The other solution to a rigged medical system, and a government that can't afford to rock the boat, is learning as much as you can. However, if you purchase nonfiction books, you run the risk of committing yourself to a text so boring that you'll fear falling asleep at the screen.

A skeleton at a computer

If you browse some of my work, you'll find some of the best nonfiction books to read for a laugh and some important, unfiltered information. I'm Andy Lazris and I've spent decades working as a medical doctor, and I draw on all my experiences to write books that can help people who don't have the same access know what they're walking into.

You don't have to shop for health benefits-related books; I can tell you right now that being in a hospital isn't healthy. Check out these studies that prove it, and then check out of your nearest hospital to see how they categorically ignore this information.

This is something I've tried to right my whole career, and in doing so, I've made my way to bestselling author. So for the sake of your health and staying safe from your doctors and treacherous reforms, these books will serve you far better than an apple.

1. The Geriatric Vengeance Club — Respect Your Elders

Buy The Geriatrics Vengeance Club online and get your introduction to a truly immersive reading experience. The 3D fictional book comes with a soundtrack put together by yours truly, custom for this story. You'll find yourself transported by the likes of The Number Song and Mask Island as you read deeper and deeper into the thrilling life of Dr. Ben Polten.

An old lady plotting revenge

As he becomes more and more appalled by senseless policies and hypocritical practices of a pandemic response that robs him and the rest of the world of their freedom of choice, he decides he just can't take anymore. To have spent years in med school and then have your studies and the Hippocratic Oath systematically dismembered and sold for parts without having any autonomy is too much for anyone.

Just as he's about to give up, his parents show up, as parents do, with some hard-earned wisdom. When faced with an antagonist that's as immutable as healthcare reform, one has to stay composed and focused. Ben learns how to preserve his inner power and purpose in spite of the dictatorial dogma.

With his elderly parents guiding and inspiring him, he manages to survive in a crazed world that no longer seems to abide by the rules and philosophies now reduced to marketing taglines. The story includes characters of all kinds, from a seemingly deluded cat lover who seems to know too much for her own good, a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and a hundred-and-some-year-old lady who has a penchant for talking dirty, each one of them will have you in fits.

As each of them takes Ben on a journey that shows him how to maintain his purpose, remain uncompromising, and preserve the defiance that keeps him going. Ultimately, vengeance is his.

Hit an online fiction bookshop now to get your copy and see why reviewers couldn't put it down.

2. The Great Stupidity — One Of Them

If you're lucky enough to come across this in an online fiction book stores then buy it, but be warned, this book doesn't pull punches. Another 3D book, the soundtrack includes Blame The Jews and Just Don't Fart, but it's not a Jewish history book. In fact, it's closer to what you'll find when you buy Jewish history book.

A woman upset over a fallen ice cream

In this humorous but realistic to a fault tale, the Black Death spreads in a French village. The village leaders, at a loss for what to do, aim to gain some control over the increasingly panicky populace. Their action plan is to send a blacksmith's son on a quest to save them. His mission: to find Saint Ambrose's toenail... or at least half of it.

They think, or at least they proclaim to think, that the toenail being stolen from their collection of artifacts is what has brought the plague upon them. It's a whacky conclusion, but honestly makes more sense than how we handled our pandemic.

On his quest, he encounters many individuals who claim to have the cure, including the Pope. With new friends, he navigates death and delusion, ultimately finding that there's very little that makes sense. Sound familiar?

It did to the reviewers and the readers who couldn't get enough of it.

3. January 6th and the Millenial Horde — Spell It Wrong!

Yes, there is a mistake on the cover of the book, and yes, the author did do it on purpose. It still made the list of nominees for Book of the Year, and readers have loved it since it came out. So what's this shockingly realistic fiction book about?

Two women speaking on a loudspeaker

This dystopian universe is essentially today's America, but with a slightly altered response to the January 6th Capitol attacks. Jim Depicha a Congressman and a young college student Mary Lou Kramer who fancies herself an activist to be reckoned with decides that enough is enough. Entirely polarized in their views and their pile of issues with the state of the country, the two political vigilantes swoop in to rally the public.

However, these two willful orators know very little about what they speak of, and this is no problem for their eager followers, who become their arms as they deconstruct science and democracy with a King Kong-like aggression. The Congressman becomes the most powerful man in the world, bringing everything he sets his sights upon into the storm he brews by himself, for himself.

Horrifying as it may sound, there's plenty of laughter in the alternative reality that comes down, without mercy on misinformation. This America looms before us at every turn that, as citizens, we must carefully avoid.

4. Curing Medicare — Or Rather, The Other Great Stupidity

After all these medical fiction books, this one should top your list when you order nonfiction books to read. Published with Cornell University Press, this book is very clear, concise, and readable.

A skull looking shocked

The common cold is nothing to the incurable disease that is Medicare. It doesn't, in its current state, help the elderly, and as a primary care geriatric physician and a human with a moral compass, I have a problem with that. Healthcare for the elderly is long in need of reform, and these days, it doesn't do much more than line patients up to be doctors' companions on wild goose chases for the biggest payout.

Doctors will poke and prod patients who haven't so much as hiccupped, and continue to scan and screen till they find a problem that's the natural result of aging. Then out comes the prescription pad for healthcare's dear old friend, big pharma. The Hippocratic Oath makes it very clear that personal care is an important part of effective medical practices, yet the policies and systems.

Aggressive and invasive treatments often compromise the quality of life, which, during end-of-life care is practically a crime. The medical system we have not only allows, but incentivizes doctors financially, to work toward curing aging.

To fix the system we need to reset our goals to what we're actually meant to achieve. Everybody will claim that perhaps Medicare is flawed, but that something is better than nothing. Curing Medicare provides a roadmap to how we could get to a better future that we could still have by focusing on Medicare’s role as we should have done from the beginning.

Pills falling out of a jar

The current state of affairs isn't great, but the idea that we, as a people, are still capable of using what we know, and what we see to build a better tomorrow is something that we have to cling to.

At least, that is the plot of dystopian historical fiction books. If you'd like to read more educational Historical Fiction book online, then buy The Adventures of Yadel the Dreidel online. This thrilling two-part tale illustrates Jewish history in an engaging narrative with my signature characters that pull you into the story. If you're going to purchase fiction book online, then Three Brothers from Virginia instills empathy with just a sprinkle of comic relief.

It's also a great way to see just how monumentally flawed policy can be. The answer to real-life problems that are backed by entities that seem, and are larger than life is to educate yourself as well as you can. So explore, shop Health Benefits related books and read everything you can get your hands on but keep your critical thinking poised!

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