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Why You Should Start Reading Non-Fiction

Reading is one of the most intellectually fulfilling hobbies to have. Research suggests that 85% of adults in the US believe that reading physical books can help one learn more about history and different cultures.

Reading is a habit that is best formed when young. As we get older, we become involved, entranced, and busy in things around us. Be it our education, extra-curricular activities, or electronic gadgets, reading finds little room in our lives.

According to research, Americans aged 15-44 spend only 10 minutes a day or less reading. However, if we form the habit when young, we can continue to find the time and prioritize reading.

Kids usually start with reading fiction; be it story books or comics, we enter a whole new universe much different than our own. This escape from reality aids creative development, critical thinking, and language skills.

However, reading non-fiction books comes with its own set of benefits; some of the greatest world leaders used non-fiction to expand their knowledge and excel in their respective fields.

Whether you read fiction, or non-fiction, here is why you should explore the world of non-fiction books more often.

Valuable Lessons from History

Why would anyone pass up the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the greatest minds in history? Well, autobiographies, and biographies serve this very purpose. When we read about wars, politics, and global leaders, we expand our knowledge base. We understand how far we've come in the 21st century and are able to learn from history.

Reading about the horrors of the Holocaust, or the struggles of Martin Luther King, we are able to empathize, and learn from their experiences and become better, more accepting people.

Improved Conversationalist

Being updated and informed about world affairs gives you the ability to contribute more to intellectual and stimulating conversations.

Moreover, non-fiction introduces you to a wider vocabulary, which makes you better at communicating in your everyday life.

Your knowledge increases, which makes you sharper, more informed, and intelligent.

Improved Concentration

While reading, your brain develops the ability to be focused and present. This sharpens your concentration, giving you a more focused, present, and determined mindset. This, in turn, improves productivity.

A Healthier Brain

Reading improves memory, analytical skills, and reading non-fiction increases logical reasoning of the brain. This can also be effective in preventing brain degeneration, and thereby, increasing brain health.

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