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Why You Should Read Every Day

‘Reading didn’t help me in any way.’—said no one ever!

This profound and intellectually impactful activity has something or the other for everyone. No one ever picks a book and finishes it without learning a thing or two.


Here are some of the reasons reading should be a part of your every day routine:

It reduces stress

Reading is a very immersive activity. It has the fascinating superpower to help you forget where you’re sitting and engage in a whole new conversation altogether. It has the magical ability to help you disconnect from your surroundings and imagine an entirely different situation. When you read different situations and plots, you tend to reimagine where you’re at. As a result, you also get to de-stress yourself and temporarily take your mind off things.

It improves your humanistic perception

Reading puts you in the shoes of other human beings in a very intimate way. It takes you through someone’s journey up-close and lets you read their raw, unfiltered thoughts. When you come in such a close contact with a character’s deepest and darkest thoughts and desires, you understand how they’re just as human as you are. It helps you connect with them.

As a result, you also develop a sense of empathy and compassion for other humans. You start to understand and realize how others think and feel. At times, you’re even surprised by how much you can connect to another character’s feelings and experiences.

Knowledge and vocabulary expansion

Non-fiction literature is your finest source for additional knowledge. They’re like a treasure chest of useful information that could help you in a wide range of personal and professional aspects. You could find non-fiction literature on almost all topic areas, including medicine, history, culture, science, and even politics.

However, there is more to reading than just factual knowledge. Reading both fiction and non-fiction helps you become significantly more articulate in terms of your reading and writing habits. It adds to your vocabulary and familiarizes you with a lot of different ways of expressing yourself through writing.

If you’re unsure about where to start on your journey into developing a reading habit, let’s start with Andy Lazris. Andy is a renowned primary healthcare provider who also writes medical and historical fiction. Here are some of his best-selling e-books.

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