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The End of Roe and the Bankruptcy of Pro-Choice

I was taking an Uber to my son's medical school graduation. My dad and I were having a discussion about the imminent end of Roe, both of us being strongly pro-choice, but I having broken away from the hypocritical Democratic party for sacrificing the God of Choice on the cross of COVID mandates. Suddenly the Uber driver turned to my dad. She said she usually never speaks to her customers or interrupts their conversations, but felt compelled to do it. She said she was a refugee from Cuba, and that she believed that vaccine mandates were a violation of her body and her rights. "How can anyone insist that I have to have my body be invaded by a medicine that I don't want, that I can't get a job unless I submit to an invasion of my body by a dangerous drug, that I am marginalized unless I do that? How is that any different than what they did to me in Cuba?"

It's not. And at the medical school graduation, we all had to wear masks despite the fact they don't work and that it's a snake-oil form of symbolism that science has entirely discredited, and all the students had to be vaccinated even though the vaccine doesn't curb spread of the disease and is ineffective against the strain of COVID circulating at that time. These are doctors who believe that we as human beings should be deprived of our choices, that we must all submit to a medical dogma that insists that choice and our own autonomy can be bulldozed under the banner of "medical necessity," despite how weak that necessity may be.

With the end of Roe, a woman no longer has a choice to do what she wants with her body if she lives in certain States, if she can't or won't leave those states for an abortion. The powers that control those states now insist that the fetus in that woman is alive and that abortion is murder. Hence, is a woman now told by the state how she must treat her own body.

But across the country for the past two years, the same people bemoaning the horror of Roe's reversal, the same people who tell us they are pro-choice and that a woman has a right to her body, they are the same as those who overturned Roe. They've forced us to wear feckless masks that choke us and horde us into a mass of insanity; to all be injected with an experimental medicine against our will lest we lose our jobs, our schooling, our ability to travel, our ability to live; to not live our lives as we want to because they've stated that human interaction is a threat to human life. These same pro-choice people who are weeping about Roe's violation of choice and a woman's right to her body have stripped us of choice and have violated our bodies and our very existences without so much as batting an eye.

How can a libertarian like me even listen to such blatant hypocrisy? I am certainly upset about the decision today to overturn Roe, because i believe in choice. But too, i have consistently stated that mask mandates are a violation of choice, that vaccine mandates are both a violation of choice and a forced invasion of our bodies against our wills, that school closings and societal shut-downs are a violation of our rights as laid out in the Constitution and prevent us from enjoying life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the very credo upon which our nation is built.

Liberals who tossed us in the vat of "medical necessity" and "science demands us to comply" double-speak for the past two years should not be shocked or appalled by today's Supreme Court ruling. In fact, the Supreme Court affirmed just what they are saying, that when necessity demands it (the "necessity" of preventing a fetal death or the "necessity" of curbing the spread of a virus), the government can strip us of our rights and violate our bodies. This, in fact, is the new liberal mantra. When I suggested that masks (which don't slow COVID at all) and vaccines (whose refusal by those who choose not to get them does not infringe upon the rights or imperil the health those who have chosen to get them) should be choices, I was blasted by liberals who told me that i was threatening the lives of millions by assailing "necessary" mandates. To them, choice is their choice, violating a body is contingent on how they define such violations, and that while anyone who claims that a fetus is alive and must be protected is an anti-science right-wing nutjob intent to ruin women's lives, anyone who forces kids and everyone else to get vaccinated and wear masks despite a lack of evidence of any public health utility is both humane and scientific.

It makes me sick to know that the liberals so saddened by Roe's reversal gladly robbed us of choice and our control over our bodies, and that they don't even see their hypocrisy. Just as conservatives who demanded choice over vaccines and masks now believe that they can take choice away from women who they feel are now in their control, so too with liberals.

I will fight for freedom and choice to my dying day. I will forever disparage and demean those who have taken choice away from me and those I love. This includes the liberals who destroyed our nation, trampled on the Constitution, and force medicalized us under the banner of "life-preserving necessity" and the Conservatives who believe that women should lose the right to their own bodies under the mantle of "life-preserving necessity." How are these people any different from one another? How are they not all despicable? How can we listen to someone who pushed mask and vaccine mandates now cry over Roe, and not tell them that they are God-damned assholes who brought this on themselves? How can liberals not look themselves in the mirror and say, "Well, I guess people really have no choice when the government tells them that they don't."

How can not anyone who is upset about Roe, about the violation of choice and a right to our own bodies, possibly remain in a Democratic party imbued by the same logic of those who overturned Roe? Anyone still a Democrat tomorrow has no right to be upset about Roe. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution. They are the problem.

I choose a different path, one that strays far from either political party, one based on choice, science, and humanism. That's not the party of Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Both parties are identical in their disdain for choice, science, and human autonomy. Anyone who is in either party has no right to talk about choice or cry about Roe and vaccine mandates.

Where can we turn to find another path? That's the question I ask all of you. But first, if you care at all, leave your party and stop falling prey to the madness of those who seek to control us as people and tell us that we have no choice.

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