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The Democratic COVID Hypocrisy Dance: Why I have left the Party to which I belonged all my life.

“Masks and distancing is all they got, they only care about all our infected snot. No sports, no school, no hugs, no glee. They suck my life away and say they’re saving me. Who said they can control the very fate of man?” from the song Falling Apart, the Geriatrics Vengeance Club

I made if official. I am no longer a Democrat. I withdrew from the party that has defined me since I was a kid, the party to which every member of my family belongs, the party I used to think was the bastion of humanity, science, and democracy. COVID has certainly shown me otherwise; the hypocrisy of the liberals, their willingness to become—as Bill Maher has insinuated so many times—the very people they once abhorred, their shredding of science and their adherence to unassailable dogma, their incessant fear mongering despite no facts to support them, the ease (and passion) with which they have permitted the government to strip people of their rights and education and livelihoods and happiness, all this has soured me to the Democrats and to people who call themselves liberal.

Yesterday I spoke with a head nurse of an assisted living facility that, like most of my facilities, has seen a horrific year of death and decline among its residents at the hands of a quarantine and a health department that cared not a bit about human life. The facility was hit by several dozen cases of COVID despite a vigilant program of masking and gowning and screening (none of which work to prevent COVID, as anyone with a brain and open eyes should know by now), but thankfully (not thanks to Fauci or the CDC) I understand how to effectively treat COVID, and none of our patients died of the virus. However, we don’t know how to treat the quarantine imposed on us and our patients from above, and so we lost dozens of patients to their forced confinement bereft of human contact, exercise, social engagement, and anything we would consider ingredients of happiness. Many of those who survived this prisoner of war camp are skeletons of what they once were, weaker, anxious, sicker, and more confused. In the next blog we’ll see the numerical toll of the quarantine, which was such a slaughter that it actually has led to a sharp drop in life expectancy during the year and a half of its implementation. But for me, every day, it was a palpable agony, and all of it was the fault of our leaders, of Antony Fauci, and of the liberal sycophants who follow him on a leash.

I never knew the political slant of this very quiet and dignified nurse, but as we sat yesterday, I found out it is similar to mine. She escaped from a communist nation, and essentially tried to adapt liberal values and vote that way. But not anymore.

“I feel like I am back in a communist country,” she told me. “In fact, this is worst than communism. I have to sit and watch helplessly as my patients, the people who I am supposed to be caring for and protecting, are locked away and are dying and suffering at the hands of people who don’t care what I have to say. And no one outside of here understands. They think it’s all for the good. It’s disheartening.”

She is as frustrated by compliant liberals as I am, by people who breathe in the words of Fauci and Tapper as though they are uttered by God, who wear masks without understanding just how much of a rouse they are. She is no longer a Democrat. And neither am I.

In my upcoming book, Yadel the Dreidel, Yadel’s friend Clausius says to him: “The people who scare me the most, the ones who you should most fear, are the ones who tell you just how self-righteous they are and who follow all the rules dutifully, even as their hearts and their greed are as black as a storm cloud.”

These are today’s Democrats. They speak of values and humanity and science, and then shred all of that to pieces. They are responsible for one of the worst man-made disasters in American history. And when they look at themselves in the mirror, they think they’re just so damned good, so damned smart, so damned scientific. It’s enough to boil my blood anytime I talk with one of them. Especially when they are wearing one of their cute masks!

Liberals are often the ones who call for racial justice, and then move to a neighborhood where their kids can go to a school without any racial diversity, or they’ll send their kids to private school. The ones who often call for economic justice, as they work on Wall Street or for other companies that rape the land of all decency and humanity. The ones who make sure not to offend anyone with bad words, even as they slam anyone who dares question the mask myth as idiots and non-scientific. They want freedom of speech, but deny it to those who they deem offensive. They are what we may call projectionists: they hide behind labels that make them look just so wonderful and caring, but really act as badly as those they criticize. Such blind and dangerous hypocrisy is why I write my books; every book and song that I pen is all about people who act holier than thou but lack any figment of humanism, decency, or intelligence. That is what liberalism is to me today. It is all of that, and more.

Below are a few examples of liberal hypocrisy. I can toss out dozens more, but don’t want to bore you. It’s not hard to pull apart people who have lost the ability to use their brains and their hearts, who have become robotic stooges for a self-serving costume party that is as bankrupt as they are making our nation.

A liberal is ok with this, but not ok with that…

-If a conservative parent who fears the world locks his kids inside, refuses to let them play with anyone, denies them any hugs, keeps them out of school, exposes them to inflammatory and distorted fear mongering, and tells them to be afraid of anyone who thinks differently than them, liberals would call child protective services to take those kids away from an abusive situation. If a liberal parent during COVID keeps her kids locked inside, refuses to let them play with anyone, refuses to give them hugs, keeps them out of school, exposes them to inflammatory and distorted fear mongering, and tells them to fear anyone who dares question Fauci or the CNN doctors, liberals call that good, safe parenting.

-If a conservative son locks his older mom in a room, forces her to not have any contact with people and doesn’t allow leave the room to exercise or socialize, prevents any physical touching or close communication, and controls every aspect of her life, a good liberal would call adult protective services and have that person removed from her son due to elder abuse. If a liberal son during COVID advocates having his parent locked in a room without any contact with people, doesn’t allow her to exercise or socialize, prevents any physical touching or close communication for over a year, and forces her to wear a mask that chokes and scares her, while chiding her if she questions anything he is doing, that’s considered sensible precautions and being a good kid.

-Liberals think that it's the responsibility of good journalists and scientists to study and toss holes into the right wing’s criticism of global warning, which is obviously flawed and politically motivated. Liberals cry out that it’s anti-science and dangerous for conservatives to toss holes into Fauci’s and CNN’s depiction of COVID, which is not allowed to be questioned.

-Liberals believe that no state can abridge the right of a woman to have an abortion, even if the majority of people in that state consider abortion to be murder, since women have a right to make their own decisions about what happens to their bodies. Liberals call conservatives mass-murderers when they want to make their own choices about vaccinations, mask use, travel, and gatherings, saying that states have an obligation to deny them the right to decide what happens to their bodies.

-Liberals believe that anyone who criticizes unruly behavior that may occur during a black life matter rally is racist, since people have a right to be unruly when they are oppressed. Liberals believe that any unruly behavior by conservatives who engage in anti-mask rallies needs to be immediately suppressed, since it is a hazard to public health and safety.

-A liberal would likely think that if a conservative parent refuses to let her kid in a car because cars are too dangerous, that parent is misguided and just plain naïve. (4000 kids die of car accidents every year). A liberal would likely think that if a parent keeps her kids out of school because of fear of COVID, she is being sensible and cautious, and that mask laws and social distancing in schools makes sense to curb death. (300 kids died of COVID this year).

-Liberals believe in paying drug companies and doctors billions of dollars and giving them truncated FDA approval to help them introduce untested experimental drugs for cancer, since cancer is so deadly; this is called the moonshot to stop cancer. Liberals believe that conservative doctors who try experimental treatments to help people from dying of COVID are irresponsible and should be stripped of their medical license, since these drugs are untested.

-Liberals believe it’s ok to force kids to get vaccinated and wear masks if they want to go back to school, even though the risk of COVID is miniscule in kids, these measures have never been shown to help reduce death or illness, and masks can cause physical and emotional issues in some kids and make them uncomfortable. Liberals believe that when conservatives want kids to pray in school or say the pledge of allegiance this is a violation of their rights since some kids may be uncomfortable.

-Liberals believe that it’s ok to censor Donald Trump because his words may have incited a riot (even though he didn’t specially tell anyone to riot) and to censor doctors and scientists who question Anthony Fauci and the prevailing “science” of COVID. Liberals do not believe that Congresswoman Cortes needs to be censored even though the people who attacked conservative Rand Paul’s family were inspired by her words, nor should scientists and journalists be censored who call doctors who question Fauci “mass murderers” and try to destroy their careers and their lives.

-Liberals believe that any conservative policies that enrich a few, widen the income gap, and put people out of work are inherently bad. Liberals believe that their COVID policy that enriches a few, widens the income gap, and puts people out of work is inherently good and necessary.

-Liberals scoff at conservatives who are brainwashed by the nonsense spit out by Fox news and other such outlets and who never question anything on their slanted media channels. Liberals believe that everything Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow and Anthony Fauci say is unquestioningly true (no need to look into their proof) since it isn’t brainwashing, it’s science.

-Liberals believe that conservatives like Trump are autocrats who threaten the Constitution, even though they never rescinded any constitutional rights or established marshal law. Liberals embrace governors like Cuomo and Newsome who tore the Constitution to shreds and established autocratic control over their states for well over a year and a half, stripping people of their rights and their livelihoods.

-Liberals believe that it’s wrong to chastise anyone with a different sexual orientation or religion because we have to be an inclusive society. Liberals shame any conservative who doesn’t believe masks work or that a quarantine is justified or who questions Anthony Fauci because we don’t have to respect those kinds of people since they are dangerous and don’t think like they’re supposed to.

-Liberals deride conservatives for being so focused on taxes and abortion and other issues while ignoring the big problems of the world. Liberals dismiss everything else that is occurring in the world other than COVID, even the horror and pain and suffering and death that is occurring from their myopic obsessive focus on COVID.

-Liberals accuse conservatives of fear mongering and of distorting and exaggerating facts to increase people’s fear of certain things. Liberals believe that distorting and exaggerating the “facts” about COVID is justified and scientific.

-Liberals consider any conservative violation of free expression and assembly as being in opposition of our Constitutional guarantees and our way of life, especially when they curtail the rights of people of different religions and sexual orientation. Liberals believe that a year and a half of mandated curbs on free speech, assembly, and freedom to worship is necessary and constitutionally justified.

-Liberals run a fact checker every time a conservative speaks, saying that President Trump spoke more lies than anyone in history! Liberals believe that Jake Taper, Rachel Maddow, and Anthony Fauci don’t need a fact checker since what they say are undisputed facts and thus don’t need any confirmation; gospel is not subject to fact checking, it would be sacrilege!

-Liberals detest when conservatives use scientific models to prove that it makes sense to target black people in stop and frisk operations, claiming that it’s bad science and racist. Liberals decry conservatives who question the validity of similarly derived models that prove that masks work (no actual studies show they work, just models) since such models are good science and thus unassailably valid.

-Liberals believe that oil and coal companies that engage in potentially dangerous operations—even when such companies justify it to help the local people—must be legally and economically liable for their actions when bad outcomes occur. Liberals rile conservatives who contest that drug companies and public institutions should be liable for possible adverse outcomes of forced vaccination of students (conservatives rightly argue that since there is no benefit that vaccination helps this low-risk group, and the untested vaccine could have severe long-term consequences, someone must be liable if they are mandatory) since these companies and institutions need to force people to be vaccinated to help people.

And so on and so on. Hence, I am not a member of that club or of any club. Because while I support the guarantees of freedom, reliance on science, and calls for economic equality that liberals allege to embrace, their actions during COVID show that in fact they are the greatest enemies to those values. I would call myself a libertarian, and have registered as such, but they too can be doctrinaire. I guess I’m for what it says in the Declaration of Independence: that our government is designed to ensure that all people have access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And if you look at what the liberals did during COVID, they took all three of those core values away from us, and then slapped themselves on the back and told everyone how smart and humanistic they are.

Good luck liberals. I don’t think I’m the only one who will be looking at you in the rear-view mirror!

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