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The dangers of mixing politics and science: Why Ann Frank and 500,000 Americans didn’t have to die.

Sometimes I look around and wonder: what are they thinking, those who hide behind masks, wear them diligently, even in the car, alone on a path, draping their kids with them. In my class of young adults working toward graduate degrees in history, they all wear them, they proudly talk about which masks they will use on planes and at lectures, whether it’s ok to remove them outside, how long to wear them. As they discuss the foibles of the past and dismissively ridicule those people who used “science” to justify burning witches, decimating Natives, enslaving and then segregating blacks, forcibly sterilizing 90,000 handicapped people on our country, and normalizing eugenic laws, they fail to acknowledge that they are doing the same thing! They have blindly sworn allegiance to politicized science, following every rule that Pfizer’s people tell them is crucial for our very survival without having the discipline to actually study the validity and ramifications of those actions, and are unwilling to even entertain the notion that Fauci’s COVID policy failed our nation even as it enriches those with money. They are blind to anything other than a dogmatic truth that they have embraced as unassailable science. To them, all historical villains who did the same thing are horrific, while they are noble and good. In fact, like past abusers of politicized science, they see no nuance and reject all discussion; they are right, anyone who disputes the Pfizer plan are bad people. It’s as simple as that.

A recent article explores why doctors often fall for pseudo-science. But what is pseudo-science? In the Middle Ages, anyone who suggested (as did Copernicus and Galileo) that the earth was round and rotated around the sun was speaking in the language of misinformation and pseudoscience. Anyone who questioned the power of Satan and of witches was practicing pseudo-science and likely was a witch himself. Slave-holding fanatics such as John Calhoun used prevailing racial science to justify their actions, rightly suggesting that abolitionists and anti-slavery advocates were on the wrong side of currently accepted science and were practicing pseudo-science by stating that all races were equal. Science proved they aren’t, said Calhoun, and at the time it did. When racial science morphed into Eugenics, it became the gold-standard of scientific knowledge, extolled by “experts” in most major universities as being an unassailable truth. Eugenics, which used scientific tools to prove racial differences, was employed by the State Department to deny admission into this country by undesirable races, used by public health to justify segregation and forced sterilization, and was adapted by Hitler as being the scientific basis of his racial cleansing efforts.

Yes, even Hitler’s central thesis about race was largely predicated on the work of American scientific “experts” whose manipulated truth gained a foothold not only in our nation (embraced by far too many liberals who claimed to be just trying to do the right thing) but became the calling card of Europe’s fascist dictators. Not only did Hitler’s use of Eugenics condemn Europe’s Jews to annihilation, but too it prevented America from accepting Jews into our nation, since science showed Jews to be of inferior stock and a threat to America. The Frank family applied to come into America to escape the Holocaust and their request was denied as it exceeded the Eugenic quotas our nation applied to such scientificially proven undesirables. Even as Jews were being murdered in Europe, America closed its doors to them, believing them to be a genetic threat. Today we perceive Eugenics to be pseudo-science, but for fifty years it was deemed legitimate and anyone who disputed it was guilty of misinformation and pseudo-science. Like today’s mask wearers, they simply bought the truth of “expert scientists” and permitted our nation to commit some of its most vulgar acts in history.

Timothy Snider in his book Black Earth relates how science co-opted by politicians and powerful institutions becomes, by definition, pseudo-science. Those in power commander figments of scientific fantasy, politicize it, declare it to be the one and only truth by plucking out scientists willing to buttress the lies, and discredit anyone who dares dispute it. Such science is dogmatic and is touted as fact undisputable by tainted doctors and both the media and politicians, and thus becomes a false righteousness fed to a vulnerable population so as to carry out heinous acts. This is a theme of history starting in the Christian era and justifying brutality across the world for nearly two-thousand years, including throughout the entirety of American history. To Snider, science and politics must always be kept separate, and any science used to carry out grievous acts under the banner of “scientific necessity” must be condemned. In COVID, the use of manipulated science by political entities and their willing media accomplices—all of whom have a great deal to gain from COVID deaths and COVID fear—has led to a generalized acceptance of a false gospel that has no basis in reality and is murderous. COVID’s politicized science is killing people in huge numbers and has led our nation to the highest rates of COVID and non-COVID excess deaths, but the mask-wearing horde simply buy into it, turning their eyes away from the cloud of devastation they have wrought and blaming others—those who wisely have rejected such bogus pseudoscience—for our failures.

Like with the mis-use of politicized science throughout history to justify false credos that help greedy players stay in power, today’s politicized COVID science that extolls the benefits of masks, social isolation, forced vaccination, and the use of expensive poorly-studied medicines to treat a cold has been magnified into a way of controlling people, deflecting their gaze away from COVID reality, and enabling the powerful to control everyone else. To mask wearers, the sun goes around the earth, because their beliefs and the beliefs of Christian leaders are nearly identical, all serving to help the powerful and rich.

The kids wearing masks in my class don’t understand any of this, don’t understand how similar to the darkest moments of history and science that they superciliously condemn is COVID science to which they have sworn their unfettered fidelity. To them, masking is social necessity that is proven to work, and they want to be the good guys. But have they ever listened to scientists (many of whom are liberal and on the front lines) who offer data to prove that none of the COVID dogma works, have they read any mask studies or any studies at all, have they questioned the ties of their heroes (from CNN and its TV doctors who work for Pfizer whether directly or indirectly, to tainted men like Anthony Fauci and Scott Gottlieb who, like so many other wealthy people, have profited by disseminating COVID fear) to industry, have they looked into the CDC’s history of suppressing scientific information that clashes with their drug-company agenda and the very fact that the majority of the CDC budget and leadership comes directly from Big Pharma? As we discussed in the last blog, the CDC and FDA and most TV doctors are financed and beholden to Big Pharma no less than Exxon is tied to people who want to disparage global warming doctrines and seek a never-ending world dependence on fossil fuels. They are the same. But the mask wearing students don’t understand that. They are being played, and they don’t even realize it. They are buttressing an industry just as vile and greedy as Exxon, just as willing to kill people and dismantle society for profit. Behind their masks, their actions mimic the worst of humanity, they are puppets to the powerful, enemies of scientific truth and democratic guarantees, and the catalyst for a COVID policy that will one day be seen as the dark horror that it is. And all they can do is pick out cute masks and applaud for all others wearing them.

Without the willing participation of these students and so many other liberals who believe that masking and forced medicalization and decimation of personal liberty is necessary and good, the Pfizer-led cabal could not have succeeded. Just like Hitler needed the bulk of Germans to buy into his “scientifically necessary” plan, so too does Fauci and Pfizer and others who profit from the suffering of others require their own loyal disciples, and the mask-wearing hordes fit the bill perfectly!

Academia, as we will discuss, embraces and even proselytizes politicized science even is it skewers past history when similarly doctrinaire beliefs wrapped in a veil of pseudo-science have led to horrific crimes against humanity. We know masks don’t work against COVID or against any respiratory viral infections; that is scientific certainty that spans 100 years of research. We know that the vaccine does not help young people or help deter spread and is un-studied and has led to a plethora of serious illness in young people who had nothing to fear from COVID. We know that societal shutdowns have led to emotional and economic damage to tens of millions of people, dropping our life expectancy by 4 years, increasing depression and suicide and despair and drug overdoses, and destroying many lives, without helping anyone avoid a COVID death. But in academia, they don’t see it that way. In the past, bad people used politicized science for base purposes, but not this time, this is different, this is necessary, and all those deaths, well, CNN says it would have been worse without depriving people of choice and strangling them with “science.” They are the good guys, and everyone else historically who was equally deceived to be the willing accomplices of powerful people with self-serving murderous agendas, well, they were bad. It’s black and white. It always is. Just like it was when Goebbels and John Calhoun and Joseph McCarthy made similar claims and found similarly gullible souls to support their vile crusades.

Politicized science is dangerous. It’s almost always the very antithesis of what science should and must be. And it almost always is utilized by people in power to forward their agenda. For COVID, such pseudo-science is used by Democrats to marginalize Republicans, has justified power-grabs by sitting Governors and Mayors, had led to forced medicalization of high-priced drugs for the sole goal of profit without scientific justification for it, and leads to never-ending fear that frightens people into accepting the false science as being necessary and truthful. Had we handled COVID sensibly, had we scrapped the rituals and oppression advocated by the mask-wearing horde, had we promoted early treatment with cheap medicines, very few people would have died. The science of COVID is anti-science, it’s designed to pull a sheet over everyone’s head and create conditions in which Big Pharma and its friends can sell drugs and get richer. The mask-wearing horde at colleges, and their professors and administers who laud them for being such good citizens, have no conception about how dangerous their actions really are. And when any of us discuss it, we are called mis-informers, pseudoscientists, and right-wing conspiracy theorists. We who question this bogus science are marginalized and discredited much as were people who questioned Medieval science, racial science, Eugenics, and public health desecrations against minority groups. The mask-wearers are the oppressors even as they sanctify their actions and desecrate the actions of the sensible

One must remember that Einstein’s theory of relativity was dismissed by most “expert” scientists, including many Nobel Prize winners, because it challenged the existence of an ether in the universe that fit all the mathematical equations to explain how the universe works. These “experts” were wrong in their scientific beliefs but refused to even explore other ideas that were contradictory to their dogmatic truths. Their own careers and economic potential were contingent upon the status quo being the one and only truth. Today, quantum physics takes a path similar to the ether; it provides an explanation of realty based of mathematical equations. Einstein and others disputed the truth of quantum physics, claiming that just because the math works doesn’t mean it’s true; after all, we are not privy to many forces in the universe that may explain reality better, and thus our fabricated “truth” which has now been enshrined as a dogmatic fact prevents others from working to derive actual truth.

In fact, most COVID zealots, such as the masked hordes at our colleges, such as most doctors who are trained to ask no questions and to follow prevailing politicized science as though it’s the only reality, such as politicians and media outlets who have much to gain from COVID fear and COVID science, all of them forget the legacy of a twisted science misused by the powerful to rip apart our society and destroy the lives of so many. Scientists in universities, historians, deans, liberal-minded students, they all wear their masks, blame our woes on those who defy or question current pseudoscience, and believe that no one should be allowed to dispute these truths. I have tried to explain facts to some of them, but they continue to wear the masks and insist on force vaccinations, believing CNN’s Pfizer’s doctors and Anthony Fauci’s stooges rather than those of us on the front lines with open eyes and brains that deciphered the data. They want to believe that the Republicans want people to die of COVID, that what they are doing is necessary and beneficent, that there is no other truth but that of their own political and scientific gurus. Their devotion to the cause prevents them from even discussing the issue. To them, I and others like me—people who defied Pfizer’s rules and helped people with COVID and who read the articles and understand the facts—are dangerous and misled, while they are pure and scientific having studied nothing or cared for anyone with COVID but merely brainwashed by those they blindly trust.

Hitler is the prime exemplar of what happens when you twist science into a tool to justify the unraveling of democracy, a tool that enables the state and its cronies to commit murder and commandeer the lives of its citizens, a tool that is manipulated by organizations and individuals as an effort to forward their self-serving agendas. The mask, as we have discussed, is scientifically ineffective; it is a symbol of compliance to the Pfizer-Political alliance, nothing more. Why is maskless Sweden doing so much better than our nation by every measurable health parameters, and anti-Fauci Florida doing better than places like New York and California, and my patients surviving COVID at a far higher rate than those who follow current politicized science because I defy the “experts” and use my brain and open eyes instead? Why is our life expectancy plummeting to a degree that can’t be tied to COVID while Sweden’s is increasing? Why are not students and doctors and professors asking these questions, disputing the validity of COVID science given the 3-year reality that it has unleashed, encouraging open discourse with scientists and doctors who reject CNN’s TV doctors and who will show data to proves the invalidity and danger of masks and shut-downs and forced vaccinations?

Many of the mask-wearing hordes are well educated but not very smart. They are not inquisitive at all. They wear politicized blinders in addition to their masks which makes them unwilling to even consider that the gospel to which they are now obedient has been fabricated to help many of the wealthiest members of our society and to increase death as a path to profits. They won’t listen or discuss. They simply obey. Much as did the racists and anti-Semites and killers of Native Americans and Nazi’s.

These students talk about racism and witch trials and the internment of Japanese Americans as vile acts, but fail to see that those acts were supported by science and academic “experts” and that they are engaging in parallel acts by falling into a pit of blind dogmatism. What happened to the motto common when I was in college: Question Authority? Why do today’s students simply believe that the CDC is an organization bereft of a political agenda and free of drug-company meddling when clearly neither is true? How can they call themselves scientific humanitarians when the pseudo-scientific beliefs to which they cling have caused so much suffering and damage in this nation without helping anyone?

The power of a science co-opted by industry and politics is difficult to refute. Once powerful people and institutions employ science to their advantage, once they suppress all opposing views, once they twist facts and state that as “experts” they are privy to the one and only truth, once they somehow turn people’s gaze away from a reality in which our death rate is the highest in the world and Sweden’s is the lowest, then people who ask no questions and expunge sense in the interest of their political agenda become willing pawns. They can’t see beyond the mask, mostly because they don’t want to. They love that they and their “expert” heroes are working scientifically to solve the most dangerous threat to humanity in history. That they are doing their just diligence to be part of the solution. To them, true science is what the experts say, and anything that disputes true science, even the very act of having discourse and differences of opinion, is misinformation. They are willing to live in a world without democracy or free choice if it feeds into their cognitive biases generated by a need to believe that their guys are right and the other guys are wrong.

In the face of crisis, upon the bricks of fear, they are entrenched into their one-right-answer posturing. Facts to them are poison. Discussion is dangerous. They refuse to believe there is a downside to masking or vaccinating or shutting down society. They won’t acknowledge that Sweden did better than us or that we could have dealt with COVID more narrowly by focusing on the high-risk groups and actually helping them rather than tossing them into death pits and curtailing the lives of those who are barely impacted by COVID. They don’t wonder why so many people are dying of non-COIVD issues and that COVID has essentially become a cold. No, they won’t hear any of that. They want it to be known that the worst plague in history hit us and only by their vigilance and their adherence to Fauci scienc was the death rate not higher. They don’t get it, they won’t get it, and they are devoted to punishing anyone who does get it. They are self-righteous, and their mask proves how loyal they are to the cause of politicized science. They encapsulate the very history they abhor.

COVID science is pseudoscience, it is politicized science, it is dangerous science. It is a tool being used by those who seek profit and power and who don’t value human life. It is a tool that feeds on fear and death, and that has tried from day one to increase the death rate and refute anyone who believes that we could have saved people both from the virus and from our reaction to the virus had we taken a more balanced course such as that advocated by Scott Atlas, the Great Barrington Declaration, and so many doctors and scientists who oppose Fauci’s lies and know there is a far better way to confront this. They detest all of us, all of us non-maskers, because we are a threat to their politicized gospel.

A path without masks, without shutdowns, without forced immunization, without the constant menace of death in the air, that is a path of true science and not pseudo-science and it’s a path that far too many thinking and good people in this country eschewed. They have taken a different path, one that is murderous and anti-democratic, and they hold to that path because It empowers them and disparages those they don’t like, it makes them feel good about themselves. They wear their masks proudly and mock those who don’t, even happy to suppress free speech and punish heretics. And so are they the modern-day witch burners, slaveholders, racists, eugenicists.

As a front-line doctor and medical researcher who knows that masks don’t work, that vaccines may help the elderly in some circumstances but are risky and unhelpful to anyone under 50, that we could have treated COVID early on with simple medicines and saved hundreds of thousands of lives, that we didn’t have to perpetuate a state of emergency and extirpate people’s rights to confront this threat that in reality is not much worse than other biologic threats that always haunt us. I know what they don’t know; that a science twisted by politicians and the rich to meet their needs is a science we must all turn away from. I believe in science, not pseudo-science, and sadly far too many Americans, especially the young and educated, are too hypnotized to understand that. Mask wearers are the modern proponents of such political science that led to segregation and to the death of six million Jews, some of whom could have been saved by our nation had we not embraced the science of Eugenics.

Ann Frank was killed by a regime that used pseudo-science to justify its murderous reign, and by nations like ours that used pseudo-science as justification for not helping those in need. Today’s mask wearers are those same people. They drank the Kool-Aid and can’t look beyond their enshrined dogma. They don’t see that they are Fauci’s willing executioners, that they are doing the work of Pfizer, that their actions have harmed and killed so many people. To that extent, just like Nazi’s who bought into Hitler’s theories, and racists who bought into racial science and Eugenics, these mask wearers are the vilest of all Americans. They are willing to destroy lives in the name of a dogma they believe but which they don’t seek to understand, just like they refuse to believe huge numbers of people have died from their actions and beliefs, from their masking.

Masks are the symbol of politicized science, of everything science has fought against, of a nation that has fallen prey to industry and is willing to kill and maim for beliefs planted by Big Pharma in the interest of profit over human life. Those who wear them are the enemies of civil society, of science, and of democracy. They don’t understand that Hitler did the same thing as their heroes, creating a never-ending state of emergency out of scientific necessity. They have become everything they claim to despise.

The state of emergency is due to end in May, but the state of ignorance and dogmatic pseudo-science is as entrenched as ever. As long as the mask wearers continue their crusade in support of politicized science, as long as they reduce the world into a dangerous binary of us against them, as long as they enable Pfizer and its cronies to control discourse and action, then we are really no better than the societies we often ridicule. We are them. And behind all those masks are the nefarious and naively manipulated souls who have allowed this horror to occur. Who will pay the price in COVID Nuremberg, or like with other atrocities will the perpetrators simply go on with their lives, burying their crimes in a cloak of politicized scientific necessity?

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