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The COVID endgame

“Experience has in fact shown that, once a threat to health is in place, people are willing to accept limitations on their freedom that they would never theretofore have considered enduring — not even during the two world wars, nor under totalitarian dictatorships.” “A society which exists in a constant state of emergency cannot be free. We live in a society that has sacrificed freedom ‘for security reasons,’ and has hence condemned itself to living in a perpetual state of fear and insecurity…. And what is a society that values nothing more than survival?”

-Giorgio Agamben

After three years of terror and horror, our science president—who endorsed society shutdowns, forced medialization, mandated masking, the use of untested and likely dangerous novel drugs, and many other measures inscribed in the Fauci-Pfizer liturgy without any evidence they would help and without any concern about their devastating effect on values he claims to espouse—told the nation that the state of emergency was over. Just like that, poof, done. In fact, the worst of COVID ended almost three years earlier, late Spring 2020. For three years our nation remained in a state of emergency despite there not being any emergency. The press magnified the threat, an army of drug-company stooges posing as doctors and scientists told us that if we backed off one bit we would all die, politicians used the virus for their own gain, and Pfizer earned tens of billions of dollars. People who came to trust and embrace a biostate given unprecedented power by COVID continue to mask and shove experimental and ineffective boosters in their arms, and suck down Pfizer’s Paxlovid that has no evidence to back it up despite claims of it being the newest miracle for a disease that has largely transformed into a normal virus. They believe even now we must not back off.

That more people died and suffered from the biostate’s cooptation of science, compassion, and democracy than from COVOD is undisputable. COVID deaths were largely confined to the elderly and didn’t budge the nation’s life expectancy. The fact that life expectancy fell by 3 years during COVID means that the way in which we confronted COVID, the way the biostate shoved us into a pit of medicalization and societal shut-downs buttressed by deceptive scientific claims and unwarranted fear, led to this massive escalation of death. And deaths are just the tip of the biostate iceberg; what we lost beyond so many lives was our freedom, the integrity of science and health care, and a rational means of confronting illness. The fact that Sweden—which allowed life to go on as usual and eschewed masks and didn’t force medicines in its citizens arms—had an increase in its longevity while ours dropped by three years, the fact that Sweden had the lowest excess death in the world while we had the highest, should alone condemn the biostate for what it did to this nation and its trusting citizens. But somehow, no one seems to care. They still consider masking a great necessity and success despite every study, and every bit of our experience, showing just the opposite. They still believe we were right and Sweden was wrong. But the biostate doesn’t care about facts. It is an overarching faith-based dogma propped up by feasible deception, unending propaganda, fearmongering, and a belief in corrupt experts.

Recently the Journal of the American Medical Association—which as a reliable instrument of the biostate and Big Pharma (it’s main sponsor) touts drug-company positions consistently and publishes articles friendly to those companies, their products, and to doctors—acknowledged that the unprecedented death of children and young adults had nothing to do with the COVID virus but rather with the atmosphere that COVID created, an atmosphere of fear and dread and hopelessness and isolation, an atmosphere we know was engineered by the biostate to help sell its drugs and achieve hegemony over everyone’s lives. Masks were its symbol, the vaccine its manna, Fauci its God. But make no mistake, the biostate was and is a murderous apparatus that traded everything important in our lives, including our lives themselves, for a false promise of survival against an intractable foe. Hitler used the same verbiage in justifying his suspension of democratic rights in the setting of a state of emergency, Hitler relied on faux science and the endorsement of the nation’s most prominent academics and doctors, Hitler described his war as one of medical necessity positing the fate of Germany against a eugenic infiltration that had to be extirpated lest the nation die. There is little difference. The biostate by definition is antithetical to individual freedom, to scientific truth and discourse, to democracy, to life and all that makes life worthwhile. It is a state predicated on creating fear and then offering as a solution to that fear manicured and self-serving measures that take from us all that make us whole. To close the nation that first Spring of 2020 was specious enough; we had a head start and should have been able to confront the virus humanistically and scientifically, avoiding all the panic and overwhelmed hospitals and imprisonment of our nation. But after that Spring, the crisis ended, yet the biostate persisted until our Science president ended it THREE YEARS LATER.

Why? And what was its endgame? Why were we in its grips for so long?

It is clear looking back that the why is because Pfizer and other drug-company players control so much of our Medical Industrial Complex including our medical schools, medical institutions, doctors, politicians, and the media. A sensible approach to this—a maskless approach—would have kept schools and much of the economy open knowing the devastating effects that prolonged closure would trigger, would have focused on the vulnerable and offered common sense treatments that we already knew about before the virus hit us, would have doused fear and calmed people down, would not have relied on cheap tricks like masks and distancing and hand washing, and would have ended the state of emergency when the crisis ended in 2020. That so much of our society fell prey to endless fearmongering and masking and medicating and imprisoning the population is simply a reflection of the biostate’s infiltration of society.

The biostate doesn’t rely on science or compassion; its language is one of deception and manipulation. This was self-inflicted death and destruction on a scale our nation has not seen for a century. And the fact that a huge army of masked zealots went along with and executed the Fauci-Pfizer gospel without protest and with great enthusiasm, the fact that these zealots so seamlessly endorsed absurd rituals like masks, a prolonged shut-down of our democracy, forced medicalization especially of our youth, and an imprisonment of society makes them among the greatest scoundrels our nation has ever known, even if they believe they were operating out of compassion, necessity, and scientific exigency.

When the Science President ended the state of emergency, the biostate remained in place, as it does today, ready to pounce again as soon as the opportunity arises. The biostate knows how willing this vulnerable nation is to trade its life and all that gives life meaning for the promise of survival, how quickly it will accept absurd and dangerous policies and claims and fall prey to them, to trade democracy for the false alure of eternal life. Agamben calls this bare life, a shell of existence without any real life left in it. And in fact, the Science President endorsed all of that and will invariably do it again as soon as the biostate mandates it.

Let’s look at two groups who suffered the most during the biostate’s ascension these past three years to better understand the criminality of what transpired.

Our Elders

This is of course my field of medicine, and during COVID I and my group cared for well over 2000 COVID patients, most of whom were frail and elderly, many of whom lived in long term care. We didn’t lose many to COVID, but we lost some, mostly those at the end of life who did not want treatment during the two bad surges, or those sent to the hospital who were exposed to the toxins endorsed by the biostate. The hospital became a killing machine because it used experimental medicines and overtreated its elderly victims, while not providing the cheap and basic medicines we knew would work, and so we tried to keep people out of there. But that’s where the public health swarm told us to send them, and they ran the roost for three years like a Gestapo force defiance against which invited fierce retribution.

I remember a charge nurse asking why I put all my COVID patients on a blood thinner, Lovenox; the nurse told me that the public health team questioned that drug since it could be dangerous and did not have CDC authorization. “Because,” I told her, “We know from the data, mostly out of Italy that was available before COVID even arrived here, that 70% of people with COVID develop blood clots and many likely die from those, and Lovenox treats blood clots.”

And yet, public health and the CDC never authorized the use of blood thinners in these patients, a decision that likely led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, and those of us who used these necessary and scientifically validated treatments were severely rebuked The two other mechanisms of death in early COVID were superimposed bacterial pneumonia and a massive burst of inflammation, and wo we also gave our COVID patients antibiotics and the anti-inflammatory prednisone, all cheap and effective medicines targeting the most salient medical concerns and thus keeping our patients alive during the worst surges. The CDC never studied, recommended, or endorsed such common-sense and necessary treatments, and the public health team scoffed at them so much so that I had to claim I was not using those medicines for COVID but for something else.

It became clear to me that the public health swarm and the CDC did not want us to cure our patients. It was if they invited COVID deaths and encouraged them. But why? It would take many months and a better understanding of the biostate’s intention to realize that if I and other health care providers could cure most of the nation’s COVID patients then emergency authorization could not be granted to the vaccine and anti-virals that Pfizer was insisting we needed. Hell, Ivermectin, the much-maligned horse pill that was so toxic to the public health swarm and the Fauci-Pfizer cabal that anyone who dared prescribe it—including my good friend—immediately suffered threats of loss of their medical license. Why were they not letting us treat our patients and save their lives? At worst Ivermectin was a benign drug, not toxic or dangerous, and some preliminary studies suggested that when combined with the three drugs I already used it could substantially cut death from COVID. Why did they pounce on us and threaten our very jobs if we dared use it to help our suffering patients?

Again, the answer seemed unbelievable to me, not even conceivable in our democratic society, and no one in the medical community or public health department could provide any explanation beyond the absurd, because as doctors we have the flexibility to use treatments and drugs that seem appropriate even if off label (off label means we are using a drug for a purpose not explicitly authorized by the FDA; about 30% of all medicines are prescribed by doctor off label), but in COVID the public health swarm, like a Gestapo army seeing to enforce the dictates of the biostate through unending surveillance and punishment, would not tolerate any drugs not explicitly stipulated by CDC guidance. The CDC and public health swarm demanded useless masks all the time, 20 second handwashing for a virus that didn’t live on hands, and locking our frail residents in rooms and denying them any meaningful interactions or activities. But when it came to treatments that worked, these forces of the biostate shut us down. We must commit to the rituals of the biostate, we must lock up our patients, but we were not allowed to treat them. That became the norm for those of us on the front line whose brains worked and whose eyes were not clouded by endless propaganda and deception.

This is the world of COVID in which I lived, and it is why we are now faced with a reckoning, a necessary evaluation of why this occurred, and a dispensing of justice. Because not only could we have averted hundreds of thousands of deaths with simple treatments, but we could have saved hundreds of thousands more by not locking them up.

On another occasion months after the Spring 2020 surge had waned and only sporadic cases of COVID drifted through our long-term care facilities, mostly in staff and not patients, I approached one of the public health SS agents in my building and asked what I thought was a reasonable question. “Given that everything is going ok, can’t we drop the masks, can’t we let people do activities and let them have a normal life?” She bit into me. “As long as there is one case of COVID, we will not let down our guard for a second,” she snapped. “But we are killing people by locking them up. They need a human touch and to see a smiling human face, they need to interact, they need the fear to go away. People with dementia die under these circumstances, and lots of them are dying.” This seemed to ignite an ire in her, a cold and heartless ire that emanated from most of the swarm who controlled every aspect of our lives like little dictators who had been fed enough power to make them feel invincible. “I don’t care about that,” she said. “I only care about COVID. If even one case of COVID is in the building, we will lock it up. And we will never get rid of the masks.”

This conversation, and several others, became the nidus of my semi-autobiographical book The Geriatrics Vengeance Club that pitted the lives of my older patients against the life-robbing dictates of a biostate that had amassed such power and persuasion that killing human beings in pursuit of an abstract goal became normalized. Hundreds of my patients died from their isolation, from being denied the ingredients necessary to be human. These were frail elders and they needed faces and hands and love. Fear tore them to shreds and instigated agitation and depression. We saw these ramifications every day, but we could not do anything about it.

During a meeting that Fall, one of my long-term-care facility directors looked at us and said with heavy sadness in her eyes: “Now we know why we have activities for our residents and why we hug them; they whither and die otherwise.” Of course, she could not defy the law of the swarm, and so she and we facilitated their deaths lest we ourselves, and the facility, be cancelled. On another occasion at another facility a nurse broke down crying. “We are supposed to protect and take care of these people, but they won’t let us, and we’re killing them.” The deaths from isolation were beyond comprehension. Never in my long tenure as a geriatric doctor had I seen so many of my patients suffer and die from measures being instated under the guise of saving them, enforced by an army of heartless robots who put COVID over human life. We were helpless. I could treat COVID, but not this. I took off my mask often, because they needed so desperately to see my face. The consequences could have been devastating for me if one of the swarm saw me or a complicit nurse or aide ratted me out. But that never occurred, because other than some very disturbing instances that were rare, the vast majority of nurses and staff and directors understood the malicious nature of what was transpiring. Our patients were being slaughtered, and they were being denied compassion and care. We covered our faces and stayed away, locking them up. We did this for three years, even when the danger of COVID was more fictive than real. We did it until just recently.

Will we do it again? Or have we learned our lesson? How can we allow heartless, calculating agents of the Fauci-Pfizer cabal to exert so much power over us? We were trying to save the lives of our patients and also make their lives worth living. They cared not a whiff about that, only about an abstraction, only about enforcing a deadly myth, only about rituals and barbarism. How did we allow it to go on for so long without any opposition or protest? How are they not all in jail now? How have we transformed these creatures into heroes? Indeed, the biostate reared its head, it killed and maimed as it spun lies and infused incessant fear into the air, and the mindless zealots who hid in their living rooms and wore their masks and got their boosters congratulated Fauci and public health and complaint doctors for a job well done. I suppose it was well done, if the endgame was selling drugs that were not needed and were often toxic. I guess it was well done if all the deaths were necessary for drug company profits and for the biostate’s amassment of unprecedented power that robbed people of their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

The cries and pleas of my suffering patients, locked behind doors, greeted by masked creatures who could no longer hug them, will haunt my heart and mind for the rest of my life, especially knowing that all of it was avoidable, all of it inflicted on these helpless souls by the very people they were told to trust.

Kids and Young Adults

Early in the crisis, my daughter, who was a college senior slated to graduate, had to pack up and leave college. There would be no graduation. They would not return this year or the following year, and the soccer team (on which my daughter played) was suspended as being a COVID threat. Kids remained locked at home with the feint hope of “virtual learning” greeting them. They could not socialize. Their activities were cancelled for months, maybe longer. No graduations or parties, no vacations or trips, no hanging out with friends. They were told to wear masks, covering their faces, suffocating them, all for no purpose. Eventually they were told that unless they willfully allowed an experimental medicine to be injected into their veins over and over again, they could not return to life, to school, to activities, they could not travel, they were homo sacer, bare life, life without meaning, bear life.

And millions suffered from this crime against humanity, from this deceptive proclamation that pitted science and compassion against the voracious needs of the biostate, that refused to stare facts and reason in the face dismissing them instead as misinformation. Millions suffered, hundreds of thousands died, not from COVID, but from their sacrifice to the biostate, a sacrifice that doctors and parents and educators and the press and liberal politicians endorsed and enforced under the veil of necessity.

The summer of 2020 my friend Erik Rifkin and I were preparing to write a book about COVID using the most robust evidence to demonstrate the true risks and benefits of the virus on various populations and the risks and benefits of the biostate’s draconian and seemingly never-ending response to the virus. What we learned shocked us, as the truth veered far from what Fauci and the CDC and the CNN drug-tinged academic doctors told us to be unassailable gospel. Several studies proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that masks did not help curb the spread of infection or protect the wearer, that kids were largely not vulnerable to COVID’s lethal power—far fewer had died of COVID than many other infections and activities deemed to be normal—or prone to symptoms more than cold-like annoyances, that holding school in a normal way did not increase risk to professors/teachers or increase the risk of another surge in the community. This was science: a problem examined, explored, and studied. When juxtaposed with the highly likely danger of keeping kids out of school, a danger uttered endlessly by prominent doctors and academics who used data to prove that hundreds of thousands of kids could die, and millions could be forever scarred, if we keep them out of school and continue to douse fear and restrictions on them.

CNN called these medical heretics “mass murderers,” Fauci and the CDC and the academic drug-tinged doctors on CNN spoke of dangers and death that would ensure if we dared allow our kids to live their lives, the entire biostate amassed to assure that kids needed to suffer and remain afraid, that they could not live lives or have hope, that they must cower behind their masks and fear, as many still do today.


Erik and I created theaters to show how small the danger was to kids of COVID but how high the danger was of current COVID policies. Depression, suicide, drug overdoses, helplessness, abuse, isolation; all that was occurring already and would get worse, the data was being compiled all over the world to prove this point, it was necessary to reopen schools and allow kids to be kids.

Except, not here, not in our country. None of those studies and none of that data came out of the CDC or an academic establishment dependent of Pharmaceutical company largesse, slipped byFauci’s lips, or was even mentioned by the likes of Governor Newsome or Jake Tapper, both of whom sought to imprison kids endlessly.


This question haunts me. In my own town, teachers instigated endless shutdowns. Only a few of the most most zealous teachers were able to control the entire county school board and government. They claimed that if anyone got COVID from a kid then they would sue the board. Sure, driving to work was more dangerous than COVID at this point, so were a dozen other things, but the biostate had succeeded in making COVID the one and only danger, in manipulating data to create the pretense that kids were at risk and could spread the infection to others, in denying that there were any negative consequences to shutting kids into a dark cavern and scaring them endlessly, masking them, shooting experimental medicines into their veins that even the FDA worried could be dangerous without any perceived benefit, denying them everything that is needed for joy and hope and their own maturation. At Universities like mine many professors and administrators demanded forced vaccinations and masking lest kids get expelled and constantly threatened to push for more school closures unless there was no defiance and there was full compliance. The kids and professors fell quietly into place, those who professed allegiance to the biostate and those too scared to fight it collectively enabling its authoritarian grip over the kids and of all education. Science had become: listen to the experts and shut up, do this and that, don’t read beyond what the CDC says, and don’t you dare defy the will of the biostate. To historians and philosophers the message to their students was clear: when the collective will of health care, academia, and the government says that the constitution must be turned off for reasons of biological emergency, then everyone must follow orders. Just as they did in the slave south and Nazi Germany.

We maimed and slaughtered our kids unnecessarily. Everything the biostate claimed and then enforced was reputed by science and by fact. Professors and college academics wore masks, forced the kids to wear them (and most kids did so obsequiously, so powerfully had their faith in the biostate and the Fauci-Pfizer propaganda machine corrupted their minds, silenced their ears, and blinded their eyes), enforced mandated vaccinations, incessantly called for schools to be shut down as soon as a single case of COVID showed its face, and censored and rebuked anyone on campus who offered an opinion or facts that contradicted the Fauci-Pfizer gospel.

For three years these scoundrels kept universities in a pincer grasp, allowing their students to suffer for no reason but for fear and mythical allegiance to something they didn’t even care to understand. There was no meaningful opposition on campus, either because most of the students and faculty had bought into the biostate, or those who were skeptical were too afraid to speak up. Even three years later, long after COVID had effectively transformed into just another virus, after the Science President’s termination of the state of emergency, masks abounded at my university and among kids in my town; in may last class the professor wore her mask all the time, and so too did half the students, taking off the mask when chatting with their fellow students but slipping it back on in class, clearly ritualistic behavior that any functioning brain would know could not help anyone. This is science?

Their academic minds believed this all to be necessary, believed that masking was proven science, that at worse it could not hurt anyone, that it was sensible and not cruel. Having not independently read any mask studies and essentially cancelling anyone who could provide data and experience to definitively discredit the mask myth, these alleged progressive educators simply wore them, wore the symbol, of allegiance to the biostate, breathing in the illusory toxic air of drug-tinged academia through their N95, blind to anything but their faith. But the harm of masks, of fear, of shutdowns, of the many claws of the Fauci-Pfizer gospel to which these educators have sworn allegiance has been immeasurable.

We desecrated science, and now our kids and young adults will believe that science is obedience to self-declared experts, nothing more. When a student in my class came after me for being skeptical of Fauci, she claimed to be an expert herself, right from her living room, and she sent me authoritative articles from that proved how wrong I was. She had been brainwashed, along with hundreds of thousands of other students and teachers, and forevermore it was likely she would become a loyal agent of the biostate. This prompted me to write another book, January 6th and the Millennial Horde, which showed the dangerous hypocrisy of academia during COVID, where progressive students who refused to listen to “bad words” and who claimed to be fighting for humanity willingly shut down schools, enforced measures both dangerous and useless, spread false information while decrying facts as misinformation, willingly turned off the Constitution and invited censorship, and claimed to be pro-choice even as they robbed people of choice, of their bodies, of their lives, of their freedoms.

We have created an entire generation of Hitler Youth more loyal to the biostate than to science, fact, humanism, or democracy. This is what the mask-wearing academic leaders have done to us, and to our kids. They voluntarily tossed away everything in which they clamied to believe in favor of a dense and deadly totalitarianism. When I see parents holding their little kids’ hands, and the kids are all proudly wearing their masks outside, as are the parents, I smell Nazi Germany.

Just how many kids and young adults died because of these “necessary and lifesaving” measures exacted by the biostate that defined all compassion, decency, common sense, and scientific knowledge? Likely hundreds of thousands, although the tabulation has not been complete and may never be.

We know this much, and the recent JAMA article to which I alluded is one of many to highlight this. More kids and young adults died from our response to COVID, from the biostate’s and its academic and medical and media and political accomplices, than from the Vietnam War, from World War Two, from nearly any other man-made catastrophe to strike our nation. Hundreds of thousands died, millions fell into depression and despair, tens of millions more were deprived joy and seminal moments and robbed of all hope. As noted, our unprecedented 3 year drop in life expectancy is entirely derived from the murder we committed on our kids and young adults. The murder was carried out by professors and teachers, by doctors including pediatricians who turned their backs on the kids to whom they were supposed to care and the very evil public health and infectious disease “experts” who drove us into this ditch , by media allies of the Fauci-Pfizer script, by governors and mayors. We killed and maimed our kids in unprecedented numbers to protect them from something that was not a menace to them; ten times more kids died in the 2017 unheralded flu outbreak than died of COVID, many times more kids and young adults die annually from two dozen other things we don’t seem to care about, but for the myth of COVID we were willing to sacrifice them, scare them, imprison them, kill them, and transform them into compliant and fearful sycophants loyal more to the biostate than to science or humanity or themselves.

It's not like very prominent and often liberal doctors and scientists and educators didn’t see this coming. They wrote about it from day one. They warned us that if we are going to lock up our kids, deny them freedom and school and a normal life, shove untested feckless medicines into their bodies, we will be condemning them to suffering and death. These scientific and humanistic thinkers tossed out copious data to prove their point. And the biostate called them purveyors of misinformation, liars, mass murderers as they censored them, took away their licenses and jobs, and cancelled them.

For the fear to be profound in a viral outbreak that largely preyed upon the elderly, kids would have to suffer, and their suffering would have to be ascribed to COVID, and it would have to be magnified in the media and medical propaganda that saturated all our lives. The biostate and all its apparatus did a masterful job of making that happen.

To all the teachers and professors and doctors, all the people huddled in their homes shaming those of us on with a heart and a brain who did the hard work of understanding COVID and the ramifications of mythical solutions to it, these deaths, this suffering, this blood is on your hands.

How do we move forward? If we don’t look into the rear-view mirror, if we don’t critically assess how we fell prey to the biostate so easily, if we don’t reproach and punish those many “experts” and “thought leaders” who instigated this dogmatic theocracy that so thoroughly and unnecessarily shredded our nation and our democracy for three years, then it will happen again. Because the biostate has spread its tentacles into every sphere of our nation, and now that it has won the hearts and minds of so many sycophantic zealots, now that Fauci and Pfizer and public health doctors are perceived as heroes, it will clearly do this again. Again and again. Because it can, so very easily. These past three years were but a prelude to the power that the biostate can exert on us. To put us in a collective stupor, to convince us to deprive people of their rights and their choice, to lock up the nation for three years, to demand that people buy and invade their bodies with medicines without any track record that can earn tens of millions for the drug companies, that was easy because the people in this nation—especially those we rely on to tell us the truth and protect us—became enthusiastic accomplices. So too will be what happens next.

Unless we open our eyes and make them accountable.

Because the biostate weilds a weapon that is appealing as religion; it promises salvation and eternal life if you sacrifice your bodies, your rights, your very soul to its gospel and then force everyone else to do the same, depriving any heretics like me of any life but bare life. It will slowly erode and finally make irrelevant our democracy in a bloodless coop that will be perceived by a blinded and frightened public to be beneficent and scientific. Its weapons are the spread of fear, the dissemination of plausible deception, and the creation of trust in a select group of experts, and when spread through a compliant media, echoed by deluded doctors and academics, and mandated by a bought-off polity, it will take over the world seamless and bloodlessly. Goebbels said it best: We don’t need a large Gestapo if we have already convinced the public of the necessity of our mission. And that will be our fate too.

Unless we have the courage and intelligence to stop it, stop it now, stop it before its grasp tightens.

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, one of the assumptions made by the Japanese leaders was that Americans were too lazy, too tired, too immersed in themselves to ever muster the courage and conviction to fight back. Thanks in large to our President and to a collective sense of outrage, we did fight back, and we stopped the Japanese autocracy and the German biostate from taking over the world.

What will it be this time? Will we cower and pretend that the devastation wrecked on this nation and its citizens by its own leaders was just a fluke, that it won’t happen again, that maybe even it was necessary, maybe even effective? If so, then how deluded are we? How defeated? It’s time for a reckoning. The Fauci-Pfizer biostate has been impacting our heath choices and lives for decades, but what it accomplished the past three years for a virus that could have easily been contained and treated, that impacted only a small and well-defined sector of the population, that largely waned after that first frightening Spring, well, that has been remarkable, and even the biostate likely can’t believe its success.

But this was not its endgame. It was just an endgame. Just a means of assessing the depth of its power and influence over the populace and its ability to take over the reigns of our lives and society for a prolonged period without any pushback or serious opposition. If we don’t eradicate it now and punish those who drive its engines, it will only grow stronger. Its medical and academic drones are already starting to talk about other biologic threats, already pushing for mandated masking while citing the very particle-based mask studies that don’t mean anything, already taking about new vaccine mandates. The biostate will continue its thrust to dominate everything in our lives and our nation important to us, even as it keeps the façade of a feckless democracy intact, which it what Hitler did, what the slaveholders did, what even Stalin did. Will we mask again, we will enforce more mandates, will we fall over belly-up and let these vicious self-promoting experts take from us everything that makes life worthwhile?

Or will we punish those who did this to us and make sure it doesn’t happen again. This is our D-Day. Let’s make sure that the real endgame is the end of the biostate forever.

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