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Reasons Why You Should Start Reading Fiction

Fiction is more than just a piece of literature. It’s a source of happiness, solace, inspiration, and joy for anyone looking for it!

Here are some of the reasons you can’t do without reading fiction:

Greater empathy

How often do we really try to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and understand their perspective on things in today’s fast paced world? Human beings around the world are known to act irrationally and impulsively without ever understanding a situation. We tend to listen to others only to reply and not to understand.

Most of us are almost never ready to see the world from a newer and fresher perspective. It’s often difficult to stay silent in the face of someone else’s story. However, this is something that fiction can help you achieve.

Very silently and appropriately, it takes you through your favorite and non-favorite character’s thoughts. It shows you the protagonist as well as the antagonist’s side of the story. It helps you gain a deeper insight into how different individuals act in different situations.

As a result, you understand someone else’s feelings perfectly well. The interaction might even help you reanalyze your personal encounters with your friends, family, and enemies.

It makes you happier.

We are living in very stressful times. The world around us seems gloomy. There is plenty of bad news circulating on the internet as well as the prime-time television channels regarding the pandemic.

Most of our public places have shut down, and there is little opportunity for us to gather around with friends and have a great time together. There is little or no opportunity for some happy solace.

However, reading a happy book can positively influence your state of mind and mood. When you read a happy story, you end up feeling disconnected from your current setting and reimagine yourself wherever the story takes you.

Source of inspiration

Stories speak a lot more powerfully and strongly than facts. Suppose you’re a habitual smoker who needs to quit. Reading scientific information on the hazards of smoking might not be as impactful as reading fictitious anecdotes from characters who went through something similar does. We all learn from stories that we can relate to. Please make sure you’re investing your time in literature that is backed with a lesson!

When it comes to picking your favorite fiction book, your options are endless! However, if you’re into medical and historical fiction books, we recommend checking out Andy Lazris’s e-books collection.

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