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Fiction Vs. History: What You Should Know

Everyone has a literary genre that they enjoy reading, but it becomes difficult to differentiate them at times. This happens when a particular is written using elements from more than one genre—with the most common intersection occurring between fiction and history.

Keep reading to learn the differences between fiction and history and what each has to offer!

Fictional vs. Real Events

One of the simplest ways to differentiate between the two is that fiction is based on unreal or staged events that are not true, while history is an accurate account based on factual and real incidents.

Characters vs. Real People

A fictional piece has characters, while a historical piece has real people and doesn't really comprise a story, plot, and character formation.

Fiction is largely a matter of imagination and subjective truths. On the other hand, history is a universal truth.

Empathy vs. Awareness

How often do we put ourselves in the shoes of others and try to make sense of where they're coming from? Most of us are incapable of seeing the world from a different perspective. But reading fiction can help you develop empathy. A fiction novel exposes you to the thoughts of the protagonist and antagonists to gain a deeper insight into how different individuals act in different situations. Hence you're able to grasp other's feelings coherently. This skill will even help you reevaluate your interpersonal relationship with family, friends, and even enemies.

On the other hand, a historical book makes you aware of your past, appreciate your present, and prepare for your future. You become an informed individual and better understand the current situation of political turmoil around the world.


Fiction's sub-genre includes romance, suspense, entertainment, crime, chick-lit, and humor.

Alternatively, history falls into a non-category and includes wartime stories, memoirs, essays, obituaries, speeches, fitness, cookbooks, autobiographies, science, and journals in its sub-genre. Some of the most acclaimed fiction novelists include Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and more.

What's a worthy read?

Just like all other genres, medical fiction is also increasingly popular among medicine enthusiasts and professionals alike. Just as the name suggests, medical fiction is based on a hospital setting or medical environment. The characters in medical fiction are either medical staff or patients.

Three Brothers from Virginia will be a great read if you're a history buff who likes to read wartime literature. It's an engaging story of three brothers who have spent their entire happy lives working on their Virginia farms until the Civil War turned everything upside down.

If you're looking for enjoyable wartime stories and medical fiction books online, read up about Andy Lazris. Andy has also published some great historical fiction and non-fiction content over the years. Take a look!

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