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COVID and TIGERS and BEARS, oh my!

“You, my friend, are a victim of disorganized thinking. You are under the unfortunate impression that just because you run away you have no courage; you’re confusing courage with wisdom.”

-The Wizard

When I think of COVID I think of disorganized thinking, and often I do want to run away. But as a doctor shoved right in the middle of it, as a liberal who believes in the sanctity of choice and science and democracy, it’s hard to run away. Those of us who care have tried to fight the tsunami of misplaced dogma and autocratic dictates dressed in a garb of pseudo-science, but we’re often buried under the deluge of fear-mongering and fallacious information spit out by self-declared “experts” who are profiting from the exploitation of this one virus. They call us mis-informers. They say we’re the ones not adhering to science. It’s horrific when the criminals twist truth to paint themselves in a glowing light and discredit truth and humanism as being misinformation. It’s even more horrific when thinking, caring, and often intelligent people believe them and adhere to their every word like it’s spoken by God.

We’re talking about a virus that anyone with open eyes and a functioning brain knows has become a cold. Even The Atlantic stated that simple fact, although liberal politicians, academic doctors, and the media simply can’t let it go. I mean, it’s a bonanza for the pharmaceutical companies, the media, the medical community and academia, so who can blame them? Sure, it was bad in the Spring of 2020, but then it petered out, as most viruses do. The “surges” in the winter of 2020 and 2021 were likely flu outbreaks, given that the COVID PCR test turned positive with flu, and that’s when flu always spikes. We know that now, we fixed the PCR, so now we’re seeing a lot of flu that is bad, and a lot of COVID that isn’t. COVID can still kill vulnerable people, as can a dozen other viruses, so why aren’t we using the same level of surveillance and treatment for them? Why are we still using COVID as an excuse to strip people of their independence and lives, draping them with masks and lies?

I recently treated several patients who came down with a stomach bug, diarrhea and vomiting and fever and all that nastiness. That can be a devastating virus to vulnerable people, who stop eating and easily dehydrate, their body chemistry often torn apart. But no one seemed to care because it’s not COVID. If we’re required to test ourselves for COVID and if positive stay isolated and warn everyone of our imminent demise, why not with stomach bugs? Shouldn’t we know the strain of the bug and then plaster it all over the airways, counting every case and telling the story of everyone with a bad outcome? Shouldn’t we treat this bug with experimental anti-viral pills like Paxlovid, since we would it expect it to be as effective for stomach bugs as it is for COVID? Shouldn’t we invest tens of billions of dollars into a vaccine and then force everyone to take it, close schools, keep people out of work, and tell people that they must stay at home and never be with families? What about masking our butts? I mean, who is to tell if our farts are infected with the bug, and double masking may be even better for those really smelly farts. And don’t forget at least 8-foot social distancing; a good fart can really travel! And God knows, this bug could mutate into even worse fart-producing variants, we can’t let down our guard ever!

In long term care, where I work, the meaningless rituals and dogma relating to COVID have not relented one bit. We still have to get our temperature checked, still are asked several moronic questions whenever we walk in—did we travel internationally, have we seen anyone with sniffles—and have to wear a mask everywhere in the building. We’ve done this for three years, and practically every patient and all the staff continue to get COVID, even though they are immunized, even though all of us are screening and wearing masks. They aren’t too sick with it, but merely by having some COVID in the building they are put in virtual prisons, confronted by impersonal masked staff, not allowed to feel safe and free or to socialize. More of them have died from the vicious quarantine than from COVID, and all these measures have done nothing to stop the virus—or any other viruses—from spreading in these homes but they do drape such places with a veil of un-ending fear and drab monotony that strips from life all that makes it meaningful.

Somehow, when it’s COVID, and only when it's COVID, we have to shut these places down, we have to live in fear, we have to comply with rules that don’t work and only harm people, we have to suffer lest too many people catch colds. The “experts” from elite colleges who are regularly fear-mongering and spelling out “scientifically necessary” measures to confront this never-ending threat on the airways of CNN and MSNBC (with sycophantic anchors nodding up and down and bending to their authority without asking a single probing question) and in the pages of the New York Times tell us that we better be on guard, better keep masking, better make sure everyone gets vaccinated. None of these people can provide data, they don’t seem to notice that their snake-oil tricks haven’t worked and that they have killed and maimed millions of people. In fact, to say such a thing, to question the feckless COVID measures, to even suggest that COVID is a cold, could lead to loss of jobs and loss of a medical license if spoken by a doctor.

My license was threatened merely by stating a fact: that mask mandates in my facilities have not prevented or slowed the spread of COVID since all my patients got it. Can’t say stuff like that, because it challenges the pro-life, anti-choice dogma of the COVID faithful, many of whom continue to wear their old tattered masks in their cars, in the parking lot, in their homes. You can’t suggest to them that the masks are useless. Can’t tell them that Paxlovid is no better than Ivermectin, which we were not allowed to use (at the cost of our licenses) because of a lack of testing. Ironically, Ivermectin has been tested far more than Paxlovid, and even in the studies that demonstrate no benefit to this cheap and safe drug, it did better than Paxlovid. But Ivermectin is a snake oil and Paxlovid is science, and the COVID faithful will not hear of any facts that get in the way of their mythical beliefs. They call me an anti-science conspiracy theorist when I point out what should be obvious: we shouldn’t use an expensive experimental drug with potential side effects for a virus it likely doesn’t help and which isn’t that bad anymore. I remind my CNN-trained detractors that we were told in the past that OxyContin is safe and necessary, but I didn’t buy it then either. “Well,” they said smugly. “This is different.” No, it never is. Not when the drug companies and their well-compensated academic pimps are running the show. It's never different.

Why do doctors, TV broadcasters, politicians, “experts” and other stooges of the drug industry with big titles insist that Paxlovid is lifesaving even though Pfizer conducted only a single, limited study on a few unvaccinated people during Delta? Why don’t they endorse well-known cheaper medicines that target the ramifications of COVID and which have saved so many lives? Why don’t they conduct robust studies of all these treatments? Why is Paxlovid standard of care, while the use of cheaper and historically effective drugs can cost me my license?

Well, again, those of us with open eyes know the answer. Paxlovid has already earned ten billion dollars for Pfizer. It was approved without any good studies under emergency authorization (EA), just like the vaccine was, and doctors are giving it out like water without demanding any data or asking any questions. The TV “experts” say we must use it, the CDC sings the same song, and who are doctors to question their handlers? Had any cheaper and well-established drugs been studied and found to be effective, Paxlovid and the vaccine could not be approved under EA loopholes but would have to endure more rigorous studies. So, the companies won’t study anything else, and they certainly won’t do a randomized trial on Paxlovid or the vaccine because if that proved not to be in their favor then the bonanza of cash at the hands of gullible patients and pimp doctors may evaporate. When you have a good scam going, the last thing you want to do is expose it to scientific scrutiny.

When I entered a facility one day, a facility like all my others that has been hit by COVID over and over despite the vaccine and masks and screening, a facility in which I lost more people from the quarantine than I have lost to any illness, I said it to the woman who was checking my temperature. “Why are we still doing this when COVID is a cold and when all of this nonsense doesn’t work?” “Well it could have been worse if we hadn’t done all this,” she said. “Really? Worse than everyone getting it? Isn’t all of this making everyone’s lives miserable and not helping anyone?” She nodded yes. “It’s stupid already,” she acknowledged. “What if I told you that I don’t have COVID but have super contagious drug-resistant Tuberculosis, could I come in and see people here?” I asked. She nodded yes. That didn’t matter. If I came in with a gun that wouldn’t matter. Only COVID matters. We have become a nation completely enslaved by the COVID myth and it’s hard to know how to get out of it, other than adhering to the Wizard’s tocsin of trying to run away. But where to run? Viral fear, COVID myths and masking, forced invasions of our bodies and our lives by medical mandates, that is more pervasive than the virus itself. It has spread everywhere and seems to be only getting worse.

I spoke to a state senator the other week, trying to explain (along with a group of other well-informed and thoughtful individuals) why the mandates and restrictions and over-reaching COVID fixation are causing far more harm than good, especially now that COVID is a cold. She was unbending. COVID remains a dire threat, she said. When a PhD student who studies viruses stated (quite factually) that most viruses become less lethal with time, the senator dismissed her, claiming that masking and forced vaccinations had made the virus less lethal, not normal evolution. Everything that sputtered out of her mouth to justify her violent acts of forced medicalization, deprivation of choice, unnecessary school closures and societal shut-downs, and the forced use of masks for viruses that fly through them like insects through a wire fence was predicated on information she had obtained from “experts” at Johns Hopkins. She dismissed our misinformation, dismissed my extensive experience successfully treating high-risk COVID patients with cheap medicines that defied public health and CDC protocols, dismissed our collective knowledge, dismissed anything and everything that veered from the singular truth sanctified by the “experts” at Johns Hopkins. She was right, we were wrong. Her pro-life, anti-choice, pseudo-science, oppressive prescription for the virus, her unwillingness to acknowledge the damage done by mandates and quarantines, her refusal to believe that COVID was now a cold, all was predicated on the one and only truth, the truth scripted at Hopkins and so many academic medical institutions and their puppets with an MD.

Do we blame her for the massive damage she has wrought and her unapologetic assessment of her actions, or do we blame the academics and doctors at institutions like Johns Hopkins who have so sullied the sanctity of science and the liberal precepts of choice and democratic safeguards?

When I dared question the motives of these Hopkins doctors, when I explained that the institution and many of its most vocal COVID doctors are well reimbursed by the drug companies that profit from a never-ending pandemic, when I suggested that simple treatments had been most effective but were eschewed by the CDC and the Hopkins “experts” because they would prevent the massive accumulation of profits by blocking EA approval of expensive drugs and vaccines, when I told her that multiple studies have proven that closing schools and even masking at schools was far more dangerous and deadly than COVID and would lead to long-term consequences far worse than COVID, and that vaccinating young people would cause potentially severe harm without any benefit, she lashed out at me. How dare I suggest that profit had anything to do with it! This was science, and if I dared question her or her policies, then I was spitting out dangerous misinformation.

In California I would lose my license for saying such things and questioning COVID dogma, because that liberal Governor has declared that any words that verge from HIS one and only truth, the truth that elevates COVID to a mythical virus that requires ongoing masking and mandates and quarantines, was dangerous. That is new-science, Fauci-science, Hopkins science. Like the comedian said long ago, “Shut-up-a your mouth and listen to me.”

The Popes who persecuted the misinformer Galileo, Southerners like John Calhoun who derided anti-science misinformers like the abolitionists, Goebbels who reproached non-scientific misinformers who suggested that Jews were not dangerous to the human race, all of them would be quite enamored with Governor Newsome, with the state senator I spoke with, with our President, with the COVID crazies who continue to insist that we must count COVID cases and wear masks everywhere. None of this is scientific. None of it is beneficial. All of it causes drastic damage to people, society, and democracy. But for extremists who mis-use science and seek to profligate fear as a means of controlling and profiting from fabricated crises, COVID’s elevation to Satan’s instrument on earth provides them with the profit and power they crave. People trust and believe these deceptive and mis-informed doctors, and the doctors have exploited that trust for personal gain.

Well, now that COVID is more like a cold, now that some sensible people—even Democrats who so strayed from liberalism to be more like right-wing pro-life anti-democracy Republicans than the liberals I supported—acknowledge that COVID is a cold, now that some people even accept that the new vaccinations don’t seem to work, that school closings are dangerous, and that masks may not work, well, does that mean that we can stop the on-going state of Emergency? No way!

Maybe COVID’s lethality is waning, but let’s not forget post-COVID syndrome. Now COVID priests and their willing executioners are claiming that COVID is in the brain, in the heart, in the toenails for God’s sake. It never leaves. It causes permanent damage. Forget the fact that there is no science that truly tells us this. Forget that in the one study done on post-COVID syndrome, about just as many people experienced these symptoms who had not had COVID as those who did. Forget that the vaccine itself likely causes tremendous symptoms that may mimic COVID. Forget that people have been dying the past three years of increased rates of heart attacks because they don’t get to the hospital out of fear, of suicide and depression, of stress-related illness.


It’s all COVID. It has to be! And any discussion of anything else is dangerous and non-scientific. Yes, Fauci science stipulates that we listen to experts and shut up, that we question nothing. COVID remains dangerous despite its gentler face. It is the greatest threat to humanity, they still claim. They certainly won’t ever take off their masks, so we should trust them. Masking, vaccinations, and Paxlovid are all that stand between us and total annihilation.

I bring up Sweden. While we have the highest excess death rate in the world, Sweden has the lowest. They had as much or more COVID than us, but somehow fewer people died. They don’t mask over there. They didn’t ever close schools and had almost no quarantines. They don’t mandate vaccines or use snake-oils like Paxlovid. But somehow they don’t have COVID in the heart and brain and toenails. Somehow they are living longer by doing everything exactly the opposite of how the geniuses at Hopkins and our complicit politicians have demanded of us. How can they explain Sweden?

Well, you know, Swedes are different. They’re more compliant. They of stronger stock. And who knows if any of what they say is true. If it contradicts the gospel, then it’s misinformation. How can the CDC be wrong?

It’s funny, because all the sudden today’s COVID liberals—the ones who reject choice, democracy, and scientific discourse and choose to live in a cloud of fearmongering that they have created—are all about supporting big business. They don’t care about working people, about kids, about saving lives. They care what Pfizer says. They trust Pfizer. This is unlike any liberalism I have ever known or espoused. Imagine if Exxon Mobile ran our environmental policy. Imagine if the EPA was fully financed by Exxon, that most of the EPA’s board members were ex-Exxon executives, that Exxon funded universities and professors who now appeared on the news to discuss environmental policy. Imagine if the EPA under those circumstances now was in charge of all truths regarding global warming and how to address it, that their paid-off professors show up on TV to say that global warming is a farce and that anyone who questions them is a mis-informer, that everyone has to buy oil and can’t use electric cars or solar energy.

How would today’s COVID liberals react to such a thing? Because right now the CDC and FDA—the two groups scripting COVID policy and deciding which drugs can be used—are almost entirely funded by our nation’s drug companies, especially by Pfizer. Pfizer is a major contributor to MSNBC, CNN, and our medical schools and universities. Without drug company funding, these organizations would be in dire trouble, and so they are essentially the mouthpiece of the drug companies. And drug companies are making a killing by keeping the COVID crisis going, by using masks to sew an atmosphere of ongoing fear in the land, by suppressing anything that would suggest that cheap drugs could be used in place of the poorly studied and highly toxic anti-virals and vaccines that are generating tens of billions of dollars of profits. If Exxon controlled the discourse of global warming like Pfizer controls how we talk and think about COVID, how would my state senator react? What about Jake Tapper, who personally gets money from Pfizer? What if he were Tucker Carlson who was talking against global warming but received money from Exxon. Wouldn’t that be a scandal? Then why isn’t this?

When will people wake up and understand that they are being played? When will they realize that masking lacks any scientific legitimacy and is merely an act of violence designed to keep us afraid? When will they realize that the nation’s drug companies, and their pimps—doctors and academics—are suppressing information and unraveling any semblance of science and democracy so as to control us and reap huge profits? Yes, Jake Tapper, Galvin Newsome, and my state senator are all complicit. Fauci made tons of money during COVID, as did so many other COVID doctors. If we think Goebbels is a war criminal for manipulating people—remember, he didn’t actually kill anyone—then surly Jake Tapper is too. If we think that Nazi leaders were war criminals for carrying out vile acts that they believed were justified by patriotism and by science, then my state senator and all the other politicians who turned off their brains and destroyed the world are criminals too.

But in the end, the state senator is right. She was doing what her Hopkins handlers were telling her. So, in the final analysis, when we look at COVID Nuremberg, when we one day assess the horror we have wrought and the lies we have generated, we really have two groups of people who are most responsible, two groups who have proven themselves over and over again throughout history, and especially now, to be the enemies of science, democracy, and humanity. And these are academia and the medical establishment, including our nation’s poorly trained and extremely dangerous doctors. In our next four blogs, we’ll look at their misdeeds in more detail, starting first with Nobel prize winning physicist Werner Heisenberg whose leadership of the German atomic bomb project shows us how easy it is for self-declared “experts” and leaders to be the instruments of society’s most destructive devices.

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