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Books That Will Help You Escape Boredom in Quarantine

Even though the lockdown restrictions have been lifted throughout most parts of the world and individuals are getting vaccinated as we speak, it’s still not fully safe to spend a lot of time outdoors. While you’re at your home, try and keep yourself busy with some of Andy Lazris’s finest collections:

The Geriatric Vengeance Club

The pandemic has been a tough time for all of us. However, a bit of literature relief never hurt anyone. The Geriatric Vengeance Club by Andy Lazris is a piece of fiction about the new era of COVID. The book is written from the perspective of Dr. Ben Polton and takes a very contemporary approach to life, keeping the ongoing pandemic in perspective.

The book is like a 3D experience that also includes a full-length album to keep you engaged through your journey. The songs can also be downloaded from iTunes and Spotify.

Coming to the plot of the story, Dr. Ben Polten finds himself in a dilemma as the hospital’s COVID policies remain aggressive, and there is an increasing need to save humanity. The doctor finds himself completely broken down by the crisis at work and at the hands of the oppression caused by those who are in power.

At the same time, the elderly patients teach Ben a very important lesson and help him fight the battle. Together, Ben and the elderly patients fight their way through the pandemic and defy those who are depriving them of autonomy.

An epic tale of love and liberation in the Civil War

If you’re a keen history enthusiast who occasionally enjoys wartime literature, you’re going to have a great time reading this. Three Brothers from Virginia is an engrossing story of three brothers who have spent their entire happy lives working on their Virginia farms until the Civil War turned everything upside down. Given how one of the brothers is white while the other two are black, society makes it extremely difficult for them to co-exist.

Therefore, they decide to escape to New York. However, the new life is far from being perfect and is accompanied by both joy and terror. The story that is set during the devastating Civil War talks about sweeping riots, battles, individuality, blind hate, and society’s dogmas.

The Great Stupidity

This powerhouse of a book is coming out in 2022. However, the songs will be out soon, and you can start watching out for these tunes on your Spotify and iTunes straightaway.

Much like Andy Lazris’s previous concoction of medicine, history, and drama, this one stands out equally. The story is set in a small village in France just at the time of the Black Death. The story is a wonderful tale of keeping a friendship alive through such a grave healthcare crisis—something that you can definitely learn from. ​

There is no better way to immerse yourself in some medical and historical fiction than to read Andy Lazris. Here are some of his best-selling e-books.

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