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A new Paxlovid Study shows the danger and deception of COVID science

The Science president and Smart Tony, vaccinated at least 10,000 times, both got COVID while wearing a mask. They were ok except for a lot of snot, but then they treated themselves with Paxlovid and got recurrent symptoms and felt sicker. So, to them, and to most of the great scientists in COVID-land, there are only three conclusions you can draw about their COVID experience:

1. Everyone must mask, because even though Smart Tony and the Science President contracted COVID through a mask, and even though no mask study shows any benefit, well, wear your damned mask. It’s science!

2. Everyone must get more boosters, we must mandate boosters, boosters for infants, boosters right into the fetus, because even though they don’t work against Omicron, and even though they don’t reduce transmission or symptoms, and even though both the Science President and Smart Tony got it despite boosters, well, get the damned booster. It’s science!

3. Paxlovid, it’s a lifesaver, forget the evidence that it causes recurrent symptoms like the two of them experienced after taking it, forget the fact the supporting study was conducted by Pfizer on a very selected group of people unvaccinated and on no medicines, and forget that every prior anti-viral to which Paxlovid is related killed tens of thousands of people, get Paxlovid if you have COVID, it is all that stands between you and death. It’s science!

Today a new Paxlovid study came out to dramatically buttress the claim of these very two smart men who have forced the nation to follow their script to the tune of hundreds of thousands of deaths. And wow, what a study, right from Israel, no Pfizer connections to the authors although the institution is a bit immersed in drug company financing, and it proves that Paxlovid works, works even better than we realized, reality be damned. In fact, the study showed a whopping 80% reduction in death in elders who take it, and a 75% drop in hospitalization! Who can argue with that!!

Who can argue with the results? Turns out, anyone with a functioning brain. This study is indicative as to how COVID science and the corrupt or maybe just ignorant doctors and scientists who pull our leashes are yanking us into a six-foot grave. Because one thing COVID-land docs and scientists are good at—other than convincing people that they’re caring and scientific experts even as they lead us to the highest death rate in the world—is at doctoring studies. Who says they’re not good doctors! The study is completely misleading and, after accurate analysis, likely will reach the very opposite conclusion and find Paxlovid to be the killer we think it is. How can a study showing an 80% reduction in death possibly show that maybe more people die on Paxlovid than those who just say no?

This is a retrospective study which means it looks back on data and tries to make correlations. Here's the manipulative power of retroactive studies: we can look at 100,000 people hospitalized for cancer and 100,000 who don’t have cancer and see how many in each group own a crepe myrtle tree. We may find that in the cancer group, 5 more people own these trees than in the non-cancer group, and through statistical wizardry we may show owning a crepe myrtle reduces your risk of cancer by 50%. Now we know! Crepe Myrtles reduce cancer, plant one right away! We can do this kind of data mining all day and reach insane and erroneous conclusions merely by chance or by not considering all variables. That’s what this study did.

They looked back at people with Omicron and asked how many in each group received Paxlovid. In the non-Paxlovid group, 5 out of 1000 people died. In the Paxlovid group, 2 out of 1000 people. Sure, that is an 80% reduction, but it really means that only 3/1000 people benefited from Paxlovid. With hospitalization it’s even worse. That 75% risk reduction? It translates to 4/10,000 fewer hospitalizations with Paxlovid. Hardly dramatic!

But the results are far more specious than that. At best, given the lack of all variables being considered, the best we can say is that there’s a tiny correlation between Paxlovid use and a reduction in death and hospitalization, not cause and effect. And when we consider only a few factors, we immediately see that the results are way off base!

First, we don’t usually give Paxlovid to people on certain medicines including blood thinners, cholesterol medicines, and several blood pressure medicines because of dangerous interactions between Paxlovid and these medicines. Thus, it’s more than likely that the non-Paxlovid group had more chronic illness than the Paxlovid group. Thus, it wasn’t the Paxlovid that decreased death and hospitalizations, it’s that the people who didn’t (who couldn’t!) take Paxlovid have underlying higher risk of dying.

Second, it’s more than likely that people who went to the doctor to get Paxlovid may have received other medicines to help their symptoms (such as prednisone and antibiotics) which we know reduce the chance of dying of COVID, while those who never went to the doctor didn’t get those medicines. Thus, it wasn’t the Paxlovid that helped these people, it was seeing a doctor and getting proven therapies.

Third, and similarly, people likely to go to doctors for any illness are typically more interested in their health than those who don’t go to doctors, and thus are at lower risk of COVID death. So, people who go and get Paxlovid may be inherently healthier, and it had nothing to do with Paxlovid.

The list of problems with this study goes on and on. In fact, if we correct for all these variables, we may well see that people with Paxlovid actually died in greater numbers. This happens all the time with retrospective studies, a majority of which are reversed if repeated or evaluated more carefully. But when someone wants you to believe a myth, when a lot of $$$ hinges on your believing in that myth, heck, an 80% drop in death sure helps, doesn’t it? Sadly, as with most science in COVID-land, it’s misleading to such a horrific degree to once again potentially expose people to increased risk even as we promise them the gift of life.

Another COVID myth hitting the airways: life expectancy is down from COVID.

OK, this one keeps recirculating, so let’s dissect it very quickly. I already wrote a blog about it to show you that a little 4th grade math should help you understand why COVID has nothing to do with a drop in our nation’s life expectancy, which dropped 4 years during the past 2 years.

Sadly, our experts in COVID-land don’t know 4th grade math. They know only COVID math, and by COVID math, everything is caused by COVID, including their over-stuffed egos and wallets.

Two simple facts. First, to lower the life expectancy, more people have to die who are younger than the current life expectancy. The average age of death in COVID victims is actually higher than the previous life expectancy. Hence, life expectancy couldn’t decrease from COVID deaths. That it went down only means one thing: younger people are dying in higher numbers. Much higher numbers to drop it 4 years. And young people are not dying of COVID in numbers nearly sufficient to even budge life expectancy. Thus, life expectancy is dropping because of young people dying from the quarantine, from our willingness to lock them up for 2 years behind the bars of “scientific necessity” under the guise that we are saving them. COVID-land doctors caused the drop in life expectancy that is unprecedented in this nation even as they lie and claim it's all from COVID. To me, this is a crime against humanity.

And here’s the second fact. Sweden did just the opposite of what we did. They kept society open, they didn’t torture their kids or exorcise their joy and education, they let people gather, they totally rejected the use of masks. And guess what? While we had the highest excess death rate in the world and the largest drop in life expectancy in the last century, Sweden had the lowest drop in excess death I the world and had an increase in its life expectancy. And yes, more people died of COVID proportionally there than here, but in the end, their doctors and scientists saved lives by using science and compassion, and our doctors and scientists committed the greatest slaughter in our nation’s history by focusing on only COVID bugs andd not on people and yanking everyone's leash right into the COVID grave.

COVID science is not just false and misleading. It’s frankly lethal!

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