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A cold by any other name is still a cold

“They arrogantly assume that it works.  I mean, these people are assuming something that has yet to be proven, that these interventions actually do lower the rate year over year of cold and flu.”

-Vinay Prasad, on his YouTube channel, about the draconian measures to stop colds


For eons the winter heralded in cold season, not just cold weather, but a plethora of colds. They proliferate like locusts, spreading from person to person, hovering on surfaces waiting to leap into someone’s unsuspecting nose, swimming in everyone’s chilly breath.  Most colds are annoying, with sneezing and coughing and sore throats and aches and maybe some fever. Others are miserable, with all the same but worse.  Especially in sick or elderly people, colds can trigger bronchitis or pneumonia, dropping into the lungs to cause severe illness or even death.  Treatments for colds vary from zinc and vitamin C, to chicken soup, to unique home-made concoctions.  When colds do invite in bacteria that settles in the lungs, people often need antibiotics and steroids, sometimes requiring hospital level care.  This has been the pattern all my medical life and beyond.


Until now, when the COVID-induced biostate seeks to label every cold as something heinous, broadcasts hospitalization rates and death counts, and seeks to sell untested and potentially deadly concoctions from vaccines to antivirals to those who are scared of all the fearmongering that seems to be everywhere.  Commercials cutter TV screens, shallow-thinking doctors do their due diligence to scare people and help market for pharmaceutical companies while never seeking to educate themselves beyond drug-company scripted protocols and studies, the CDC and our nation’s academic goons—all fed by drug company funding—speak of the end of days lest people not get their requisite treatments and vaccines, many vaccines at a time as experts like Travis Kelsy and others assure us on TV.  Hospitals are filling up like never before, viruses are threatening the very future of mankind, it’s time to use science and huge amounts of drugs to stop this catastrophe before it’s too late.  Wear your masks!  Wash for exactly 20 seconds!  Isolate! Test! Vaccinate!  If it’s COVID, then Paxlovid!  Be scared, be very scared!


Well, those are the new “facts” which are based on exaggeration and pure fallacy but not a single scientific study; these are the words of morons or self-serving drug company stooges who fart information out of their mouths and tell you it’s true without offering you a single bit of proof.  What they call “misinformation” tells a different story, using facts and reason to dispute what these purveyors of a religious biostate are spreading like gospel to a frightened and compliant flock.  In fact, to those of us who dare to read and think and to keep our eyes open to reality—all of which are antithetical to the religious tinged medical orthodoxy that drug-company stooges and their MD’s on leashes seek to spread in the absence of data which they claim is not necessary—all we are seeing is what we have seen forever: it’s cold season, and during cold season people get sick and shit happens.  Some people get really sick, get hospitalized, even may die, but most just sneeze and cough and feel lousy.  Now, though, all of that has been transformed into something more, something demonic, something that induces fear and the need to test for viruses and take experimental medicines and see doctors and pray for life.


Without fear and a medical-religious inspired path to salvation paved by doctors and other players in the biostate who benefit from patient compliance to the liturgy, then colds would just be colds, and people would stay at home and drink soup and suffer a bit while hospitals fill up with those who get more ill.  That’s how it is now, that’s how it has always been.  Masks don’t slow colds; they never have and never will, and that is a fact so well proven by real science that to hear anyone say or believe otherwise is akin to hearing people think that the sun still goes around the earth.  These new vaccines for COVID and RSV have never been proven to help a single soul, and they well could cause immeasurable harm given their novel construction and their total lack of adequate safety testing.  Paxlovid and Tamiflu and other anti-virals for respiratory infections are downright dangerous and, despite manipulated data that I and others have discussed at length, they cause far more harm than good, especially to elders and those who have chronic illnesses, the very people who typically are told to take them.


Now, according to the religious priests, you just don’t have a cold.  You have scary RSV.  Or deadly COVID.  Or one of twenty other things that used to be considered normal but now have been elevated to being demonic.  Just the other day I saw a new patient with pneumonia, likely caused by him swallowing food into his lungs, but which the hospital doctors called Rhinovirus pneumonia!  Really?  Rhinovirus is the cause of the common cold and it never gets down in the lungs, but these religiously-educated and shallow-thinking doctors figured, well, they have rhinovirus and have pneumonia, so clearly that’s the cause.  Who knows; they may have given the patient anti-virals based on this fallacious assumption.  Or maybe the hospital gets paid more if it’s a viral infection.  But often it leads to deceiving patients and depriving them of appropriate therapy.  And what of RSV, where did that come from?  Well, it’s been around for centuries, causing colds and sometimes bad bouts of bronchitis in adults (it’s most dangerous in infants) that are typically treatable with common and safe prescriptions, but now it's viewed as a new and terrible villain, all that because the drug companies concocted a vaccine against it which they never tested to prove it works or doesn’t cause harm, but which frightened and compliant patients cling to as their only salvation, their only path to avoiding death from this new menace.


Let’s be clear, RSV is a cold, COVID is a cold, so too are most viruses including flu.  They can lead to bronchitis and pneumonia, especially in the frail and old, but that’s not new, and it’s up to us as doctors to assure we are on top of that potential complication and we treat it appropriately.  But now in the medical-religious world in which we live, these are not colds.  They are horror shows.  Why are people still testing themselves for COVID and living in fear when they test positive, when the past two years have shown us that COVID behaves much like other colds, and that novel treatments don’t work for it while the vaccine and masking clearly don’t prevent it.  It’s as though the biostate wants us to remain fearful and to bow to their will.  They refuse to acknowledge the existence of colds.  Now it’s misinformation to use that word.  These are serious infections that require draconian interventions.  And so do the drug companies sell more snake oils as their compliant doctor stooges play along enthusiastically.


I recently knew several older people who developed bronchitis or pneumonia from their colds, something not unusual.  They were discovered to have some fluid around their lungs, maybe even some abnormal heart rhythms like afib.  They received antibiotics and steroids, which worked, but then were told there must be something wrong with their hearts, so they were given deadly blood thinners and twenty-thousand dollars of heart tests, blood pressure medicines, fluid pills, more tests, more visits.  Their colds—which were behaving as colds are wont to do—turned them into victims of the medical religion, now beholden to ignorant and greedy doctors who now owned their bodies and souls.  Their colds converted them into faithful congregants of the medical religion, forever scared, forever willing to do what the doctor-priests say is necessary sacrament.  And when they bleed to death from their blood thinners or feint from their over-treated blood pressures or get a stroke from their heart tests, well, their families will be thankful to the doctor priests, falsely believing that their horrid fate was not the fault of the medical religion but rather was justification for the absolute faith that they have it in.


I always wonder if most doctors are just plain stupid or if they are intentionally deceiving people. It has to be one of the two, if not both, because the sacraments they sell to their patients diverge so sharply from science to make someone like me shiver! I mean, when I see a doctor wearing a mask, even after Cochrane and so many other data points prove that masks can’t possibly protect us against viral infections—something doctors have known for more than a century, which is why we never have worn them before, even in hospitals where viruses swim around like minnows—I wonder just how deranged his or her brain is.  Stupid or deceptive?  Because doctors so eagerly feed the mask myth, because they don’t question the efficacy and potential harm of these new vaccines and all the new drugs, because they are really doing no more than feeding fear and helping drug companies sell their wares, I wonder just how they can sleep at night. It’s very disturbing, to say the least!  But that’s who doctors are, and who they have been for a long time, fooling people into taking stuff and getting tests and treatments that science has proven is more harmful than helpful and which is in opposition to science and patient self-interest, but which feeds their wallets and gives them a sense of power as masters of life and death.  Doctors don’t question the liturgy of our medical religion, they preach it.  They are the most dangerous profession in America, killing and maiming people with false hope and vile potions even as they become richer.  What really disturbs me is that people still respect and listen to them!


Here’s the reality.  Call a cold COVID, RSV, even Rhinovirus, and guess what, it’s still a cold.  It flies through masks, it cannot be treated, and usually it flutters away after a bit of suffering.  And here’s another slice of reality.  Even though CNN and other media outlets heavily financed by the drug industry, and even though doctors and academic medical flunkies also on the leash of our nation’s drug companies whether they know it or not, tell us that hospitals are filling up and using that fact to prove just how dangerous the world is now, that’s nothing new.  Hospitals always fill during cold season.  Hospitals like to stay almost full all the time, so when winter comes and when so many colds appear and when some of them turn scary, there are often not enough beds to accommodate the sick.  It’s been that way all my career; after the initial burst of COVID in spring 2020, hospital overcrowding has been no worse than it has historically ever been.  The only difference is that when hospitals filled up and turned people away, that didn’t make the news.  Now it does.  It’s all part of scaring people to death so they test themselves, label their colds with frightening names, take anti-virals, and make sure to keep getting those vaccines. 


Fear is the fuel of every totalitarian state in history, whether the theocracy of Catholicism in the Middle Ages, or the fascism of Hitler and Mussolini, or the Slavocracy and the Jim Crow South, or even during wars when we imprisoned people who dared speak the truth or had different skin colors.  And often these horrors are justified by medical “experts” who tell us that we must do these things lest society itself crumble.  Today’s medical biostate is no different than any other totalitarian regime.  It generates fear more efficiently than the sun generates heat, it spreads the fear, it uses the false façade of a tainted science to offer salvation from that fear, it sends out an army of brainless doctors to spread the gospel and assure compliance, and then it sells its wares and makes a lot of money.  Four trillion dollars in this country alone, spending that has increased exponentially as life expectancy drops and chronic illness accentuates.  To turn a cold into a labeled disease, and then to create an entire ritualistic set of behaviors surrounding that disease, that is the genius of today’s medical religion.


I’m not the only doctor fighting for truth.  But as many poor souls like me know, from Galileo to Einstein and so many in between, fighting for truth in a cloud of totalitarian distortion; to speak of nuance when the religious leaders speak in binary terms of truth vs misinformation and promise salvation to those who follow the gospel and doom to those who don’t, well, that’s a tough struggle.  People who suffer don’t want to be told that they have a cold and need some chicken soup.  They want to know that they have something heinous, something to explain and justify just how badly they feel, something like COVID or RSV, deadly and frightening diseases, and that they better isolate and test and mask and medicate and vaccinate and get sympathy from all those around them.  I don’t have a cold, I have COVID, and I am damned sick, and my doctor gave me Paxlovid and told me it’s good I got the vaccine and masked or I’d be dead now!  It seems to make them happier to suffer with a scary label rather than with just a cold.  But truth is truth, despite what our self-serving medical world is imposing on us.  And the truth is that a cold by any other name is still a cold. 


Sadly, as we sink deeper into the abyss of the medical religion’s clutches, as we give the medical priests our bodies and our faith, as we allow them to medicate us and take away our rights and our science and our common sense, we are no better than the Medieval Christians who ruled the world for centuries at the expense of all humanity and of science.  Except for one thing; even Medieval Christians knew enough to realize that masks don’t work for viruses! One of my medical heroes, Vinay Prasad, a mild manner academic doctor who has a brain and open eyes and is as appalled as I am about medical mythmaking and the religious fundamentalism of our health care system that has become nuclear during COVID, has written that we must resist the temptation to fall prey to dogmatism lest we become victims to its poison.  Stop testing for COVID; every time you test it legitimizes the COVID myth and the false message that some colds are more real than others.  Stop wearing masks, stop believing TV doctors and even your local doctor when he/she spits out information that lacks data or seems too absolutist.  Stop believing that the CDC and FDA are scientific and neutral.  It’s time we fight back.  You have a cold?  Grab your tissues, brew up some chicken soup, take some cold pills and maybe zinc, and turn on Netflix. That’s the best treatment of all! And if you get a deep cough or breathing problems, let your doctor know, but don’t let your doctor throw you into the pit of medical religious hell, because then you are really in trouble and you’ll wish you just suffered silently with your cold!

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