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Give me Paxlovid or Give me Death: How Pfizer has grabbed the reigns of our democracy with our help

“A society which exists in a constant state of emergency cannot be free. We live in a society that has sacrificed freedom ‘for security reasons,’ and has hence condemned itself to living in a perpetual state of fear and insecurity…. We could say that a massive wave of fear caused by a microscopic parasite is traversing humanity, and that the world’s rulers guide and orient it towards their own ends. Limitations on freedom are thus being willingly accepted, in a perverse and vicious cycle, in the name of a desire for security — a desire that has been generated by the same governments that are now intervening to satisfy it.”

-Giorgio Agamben

They keep demanding I give them Paxlovid. Patient after patient, then their son or daughter calls, a doctor who says I am being irresponsible for not using it generously, haven’t you seen the Israeli study? They ask me. How could you not give the medicine when everyone says you should?

Have you read the Israeli study, I ask them, or have you just looked at the headline? Because if you read it, then you would be scared to death to give anyone that drug.

They shake their head disparagingly. You are one of those, they whisper.

One of those. Anti-science people. Right wing conspiracy theorists. Misinformers.

Yes, I am one of them, just like Einstein was, just like Martin Luther King was, just like the abolitionists and the people who fought against bigotry and Eugenics were.

But the self-righteous zealots slip on their masks and move on, confident in their liberalism, their intelligence, their goodness. They turn on CNN and smile as the doctors that Jake Tapper brings on—all good and decent doctors from the best universities—reinforce their dogmatic and absolutist beliefs.

To them, as to most doctors and academics in this country, science is what they tell you it is on TV, it’s not to be questioned or discussed, it does not need data or truth to reinforce it, it is no more that the iterations of experts. The state senator I spoke with who said that she was confident that her actions of imprisoning the elderly and young, of stripping everyone of their rights, of forcing people to be medicalized against their wills with a potentially dangerous and un-tested medicine for a disease that confers minimal risk, all of that was justified. After all, they say it all the time on TV, her pals at Hopkins tell her, her friends do too. In her eyes, she is a hero and I am an anti-science misinformer!

“Why is it,” I ask, “That countries like Sweden and Denmark that rejected the Hopkins formula, that let people be free, that don’t cover everyone’s face with masks and fear, why are they living longer now, and our life expectancy went down by almost 4 years?”

She glares at me. I can see what she’s thinking. He is one of those.

So, I go on. “Could it be that maybe all those people you’re listening to, all of them, have a lot to gain from a society draped in fear, that they get their money from companies like Pfizer, that they are driven by pure greed? Have you actually read the Paxlovid studies, the European studies showing no increase hospitalization and death when kids go to schools without masks or restrictions, the vaccination studies, the masking studies? Have you read them before you passed draconian laws that destroyed so many lives, or do you just listen to Pfizer’s handlers at Hopkins and do their bidding?”

To that question, she blew up. How dare I question her integrity and heroism?

Of course, John Calhoun and Josef Goebbels would have agreed with her. Science supported the Nazi agenda, and it too bolstered the argument of Eugenicists and racists for 200 years. Abolitionists were called anti-science mis informers, so too were Germans who doubted Eugenic science, a science that grew and flourished in America, in the very institutions whose doctors now tell us to mask and vaccinate. I have discussed the similarity of the words uttered by COVID fanatics and antebellum racists in a prior blog, and Nazis too spoke in the same scientifically righteous language.

Says Agamben: “No doubt someone will retort that the sacrifice, serious as it is, has been made in the name of moral principles. I would remind them that Eichmann never failed to reiterate — apparently in good faith — that he did what he did according to his conscience, in order to obey what he believed were the precepts of Kantian morals. A norm which affirms that we must renounce the good to save the good is as false and contradictory as that which, in order to protect freedom, imposes the renunciation of freedom.”

Without a constant cloud of fear, people may relax and not buy so many of Pfizer’s drugs. Pfizer has made a killing from killing and deceiving so many people, but so too have many of our wealthiest citizens, increasing the income gap more in the past 3 years than in the past 25. We’ve killed more people, we’ve impoverished more people, we’ve ruined more lives, but we’re succeeding as long as we keep to the plan, wear the masks, continue the bathe in fear.

Everyone in long term care where I work keeps getting COVID, despite the proliferation of masks and the horrific chains of fear tied around their legs every day, despite their having received every shot and booster, they keep getting COVID, and are no less sick than those who don’t fall into the Pfizer trap. All of this, all of COVID, is designed to help industry make money. It’s not new in the world of health care. Fear made to seem real, doused with plausible pseudo-science, trumpeted on the airways by doctors and correspondents who benefit from drugging the American public, has helped our health care budget balloon from $500 billion to $4 trillion with a reduction in life expectancy and an increase in illness and disability.

But people don’t see it that way. They buy the whole thing. Educated people, people who consider themselves liberal and decent, they buy it all. They buy the Pfizer line as though it is being uttered by God himself. It has become a matter of faith to them and many have become zealots. They wear their masks and get their shots and scream and cry that we need to shut down the world. These same people who blame Exxon for polluting the world, who support Occupy Wall Street, who decry racism and Eugenics, they embrace Pfizer for doing the same thing. And the executives at Big Pharma are smiling.

Every mask is an admission that Pfizer is in charge. Masks exacerbate fear, they inject into the air a belief that the plague will not ever go away. People who wear them are the unwitting pimps of Pfizer, they sell Pfizer’s dogma, they increase the world’s stress and democracy’s diminution, they plant the seeds of suffering and death.

Says Agamben:

“It is in their faces that humans unwillingly drop their guard; it is in the face—and before any words are spoken—that they express and reveal themselves. And what the face expresses is not only an individual’s emotional state but, first and foremost, their openness, their exposure, and their communication to others…. A country that decides to renounce its face, to cover with masks the faces of its citizens everywhere is, then, a country that has purged itself of any political dimension. Inhabiting this empty space, which is at every moment subjected to a control which knows no limits, individuals now live in isolation from one another.”

For 100 years masks have been shown to be ineffective against viral infections. That’s why we don’t wear them. Five years ago we would have been laughed at to even suggest that a mask could block tiny respiratory viruses that fly through them like flies go through a wire fence. COVID is even smaller than flu and thus passes through masks even more easily. Every respectable study during COVID has shown they do not protect the wearer or prevent transmission. They rather are a symbol, a symbol of oppression, an attack on freedom, an endorsement of Pfizer’s agenda of endless fearmongering and forced medicalization. Our very existence has become reduced to bare life, to fear of a contagium that is no worse than others we live with daily but which has been conflated into something demonic, to the promise of false cures that enrich the few and harm the many.

Say Agamben: “And what is a society that values nothing more than survival? Bare life, and the fear of losing it, is not something that unites people: rather, it blinds and separates them.”

But, say the mask-wearing hordes, We are being good citizens, we’re listening to the science, we’re being safe, we’re keeping others safe. Look at TV, CNN says it all the time, they bring on such respectable doctors who insist that masking and drugs are necessary, every newspaper says it, the CDC says it, who could argue with the great Dr. Fauci, all the doctors I know say it, all my friends, who are you to question such collective wisdom?

Calhoun and George Wallace couldn’t have said it better!

Listen to the experts, they’ll tell us. But who are the experts?

In fact, they’re agents of Pfizer.

When the plague hit us, it hit us hard. But it mostly impacted very specific populations, the frail elderly (who I care for) and the very poor. Even so, the total mortality from COVID at its worse was 3/1000, not much different than flu. But we weren’t allowed to say that as we watched TV and witnessed the horror. Because its sting was so bad in so few people died fast and furiously, and we saw it all. But then, it calmed down. And for the past 2 years, it’s been more COLD-VID than anything that the media has built it into.

In those early months I cared for hundreds of elders who caught it, caught it right through masks, caught it despite the fact we all had our temperatures taken at the front door and we had to swear we hadn’t been overseas, happened despite massive isolation and fearmongering. When I suggested on air that the mask mandates were not stopping transmission of COVID in long term care, my piece was pulled from the radio and my state licensing Board threated to take away my medical license. For Pfizer to flourish, this had to be bad not just for the poor and elderly, but for everyone, and it had to stay bad. We needed masks, because masks sewed the requisite level of fear into the air, fear that enabled people to discard all of our democratic rights, to shut down schools and society, and to desecrate all of humanity with the false promise of safety. Masks became, and still are, Pfizer’s calling card. When you wear a mask, you are doing Pfizer’s bidding. You are buying into their narrative. You are allowing them to sell their drugs and to make us all their medical prisoners. We’ll do anything, disparage anyone, cause harm to everyone, just to satisfy our craving for safety. We don’t want to hear facts that question the narrative to which we are beholden, like mask mandates haven’t slowed the spread of disease or protected anyone, or that kids are less vulnerable to this than 50 other things they live with every day. We don’t want to hear that vaccines have killed and maimed far more young people and kids than the virus ever could, that forcing medicines into people’s bodies violates every liberal and ethical dictate that defined liberalism in the past and that it hasn’t saved anyone young or healthy, it isn’t slowing disease spread. In fact, as recent evidence shows, boosters are making us sicker.

But we don’t want to hear that, or else this new religion to whose gospel to which we have pledged our lives and sacrificed our world will be suspect. So, we call it misinformation and we shut it down.

We don’t want to hear it because the TV doctors, Jake Tapper and Moring Joe, our doctor, the university professors, the CDC all say we’d be worse off without the great sacrifices we all have to make.

Really? Kids dying in droves, our life expectancy down by 4 years, our economy in shambles, the highest COVID and non-COVID excess death rate in the world, and we’re doing well? How do you explain Sweden? In long term care we still get our temperatures taken, still are asked absurd questions, still wear our masks like Klan hoods, and yet everyone keeps getting COVID. No one is very sick, but the alarms of fear are sounded every time they get it. The excess deaths triggered by other illness caused by the vaccine and isolation, the depression and deaths from being trapped in what amounts to a death camp, those don’t matter to the zealots who are all about COVID. In some facilities, the front doors are locked and masked and hooded servants of the Pfizer script must escort us in and out. These places are now death camps. And this is what the mask wearing zealots are advocating.

What about all those smart people on TV who tell us to keep up the vigilance, keep up the masking, that the unvaccinated are the problem, that we have good medicines like Paxlovid to cure us? Pfizer’s TV ads come across the screen every few minutes. What fine people, trying to save us all! Ask your doctor for early treatment. Make sure to get the life-saving vaccine! How can these fine people not be our stewards and saviors?

Early in COVID, the elders I cared for did get sick. Some were very sick. And we looked into it. Some doctors found good research showing that drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine—both old and tested and safe—could slow infection. Some of us explored what was making people sick, and we treated those things. We gave blood thinners because 70% of people in that early state of COVID developed blood clots; we gave prednisone to stop the massive inflammation that our immune response to the virus triggered; we gave antibiotics because so many people with COVID came down with dangerous bacterial pneumonia. All of this helped immensely. Our death rate was tiny; most of those who died were either on hospice or end of life, or were sent to the hospital by family or nurses where these effective treatments were withdrawn because they were considered to be bad science.

The public health docs, the media, the tv docs all told us not to treat people. Why? Because all of our success and all of those saved lives were Pfizer’s dagger. Because if COVID was treatable, if there were medicines we could use to mitigate its deleterious effects and reduce death, then Pfizer’s experimental vaccines and experimental anti-viral medicines like Remdesivir and Paxlovid couldn’t get approved through Emergency Authorization (EU) loopholes. So, trough its agents, Pfizer stopped us from treating people. Suddenly Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were seen as being almost demonic, even though they were likely fairly effective when used in combination with the drugs we used. People who dared use these safe and reasonable medicines had their licenses pulled, they were called anti-science goons. Any of us who tried to save lives were disparaged by public health doctors, by the media, and ultimately by mask-wearing zealots who clung to the words of CNN and Dr. Facui and the CDC.

For Pfizer to prosper from what was becoming another version of flu, people had to die, lots of people had to die, and there could be no question that treatment did not exist. Masks and fear could never go away. The airways had to show counts of cases and deaths, conflating numbers to maximize fear. We were all living in an Orwellian dystopia where free speech, science, and life itself fell prey to Pfizer’s agenda.

But what of the CDC, Dr. Fauci, all those commentators on CNN, all those smart Ivy league doctors who told us (and still tell us) to keep masking, that cheap treatments like what we use are dangerous, that kids die, that only the immunization and anti-virals will get us out of this?

The COVID liberals, the mask-wearing hordes who claim to be humanistic and scientific and anti-corporate, who say they try to help the poor and our kids, they bought it all. Did they ask any questions? Did they ever point to the obvious: that people were dying more, getting sicker, the more we shut down the world and masked everyone and used experimental drugs? No, that never occurred to them. They were and are willing to sacrifice choice, democracy, happiness, and life itself upon the cross of Pfizer’s agenda. To question the dogma was akin to misinformation.

That alone shows how successful Pfizer has been in its campaign to medicalize the world!

While the CDC doesn’t take money from drug companies, it gets 75% of its funding from the CDC foundation, which gets 100% of its money from drug companies. Most of the officers on the CDC are former drug company executives, many from Pfizer, and who collectively have millions of dollars of stock options. The FDA is almost entirely financed by the drug companies. Anthony Fauci owns patents on many of the drugs and vaccines that he tells everyone they must take, and he has made millions of dollars personally during the pandemic while enriching thousands of others. Scott Gottlieb, the head of Biden’s COVID commission, the man who recently said that any doctor who disparages Paxlovid or the vaccine are guilty of spreading misinformation, was the former CEO of Pfizer and has tens of millions of dollars of stock options.

The reach of Pfizer and its other Big-Pharma buddies is deep. While they pay for campaigns of both Democrats and Republicans—hence why no one attacks them in Congress—they say that their most effective monetary influence lies elsewhere. They are the primary contributors to most medical societies we trust (Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, among others), they finance nearly every medical school in the nation and pay for all the research done there, they are major contributors to medial journals and CNN and even many correspondents who have been the most zealous COVID fanatics.

Most of those brilliant doctors on TV are on a station financed by Pfizer, work for a university financed by Pfizer, and conduct research financed by Pfizer. If they don’t tout the company line, they lose out. It may be shocking that across the country many university doctors and professors signed petitions to kick out anyone who questioned the Fauci line; 100 at Stanford tried to kick out Scott Atlas just for providing facts about the pandemic. But these people rely on Big Pharma for their very existences. Thus, when they appear on CNN, they’ll tell you to mask, tell you to take experimental drugs, discredit anyone who questions the Fauci line, and will blame everything on the unvaccinated.

They, like most of our robotic doctors, are Pfizer’s pimps. We’ve seen this all before. Tragically, as we will show, many university professors who have forced medicalized their students, who insist on masking and school closures, who believe that we either do what Fauci says or we die, they teach about the sanctity of science, of the horror of past ages when science and fear were used to enslave and discredit people. What was a crime in the past is good science now. They wear their masks and shut down free speech as they teach how bad both were in the past.

And as we will show too, today’s doctors are clearly agents of Big Pharma. They carry around calculators programmed by drug companies, adhere to protocols drawn up by drug companies, read journals whose authors and whose funding are derived from drug companies, and they question nothing. Their entire modus operand is to scare you into thinking you’re sick and that you’ll die unless you take this drug or that one. That they are doing the same thing with COVID, that they are dutifully masking and advocating universal vaccination and shutting down school and society, is no surprise to me. They are Pfizer’s most effective agents on the planet. They have killed and maimed more people in the past 3 years, they have hurt our democracy more in the past three years, than many vicious dictators have done in a lifetime. And for this they are heroes?

When you wear your mask, when you demand that your doctor give you Paxlovid, when you elevate COLD-VID into something that is so much more than what it really is, you’re adding to the death, misery, and assault on democracy and science that Pfizer is promulgating through its agents. You are not protecting yourself or anyone else; you’re helping to destroy the world.

That good liberals don’t question anything and discredit anyone who does, that they cry “prochoice, our bodies ourselves” as they shove experimental medicines into kids, that they have supported policies that have increased death and misery to levels we have not seen in fifty years, that they are absolutely ok with restricting free speech and shutting down our democratic guarantees, that they wear their masks proudly and without any inkling about what such symbols represent, that shows you just how successful Pfizer has been in its campaign to put profit over human life.

God help us all for what the future portends.

We will now discuss a bit about Nazi Germany, before we focus our lens on the two groups most responsible for the COVID holocaust and who should be given their just reward by our COVID Nuremberg: academics and doctors. Those were the two groups most helpful to Hitler, most useful to slave owners and racists, most supportive of all attempts to marginalize people who were deemed to be a threat to society, whether they were black, Japanese, mentally impaired, or Jews. COVID has been one of the greatest man-made disasters our nation has ever witnessed, and those who have carried out Pfizer’s deadly assault on everything good and decent need to be held accountable, no matter how self-righteous they believe themselves to be. As we will see, they are in some very nefarious company.

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