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COVID of the Brain: The disease of our medical system

This poster is a rare testament to the fact that not all doctors suffer from COVID's most devastating side effect. The doctor who placed this poster on his door does so with great peril, because doctors infected by COVID on the Brain, they don't like stuff like this, and they react like any sick person would. They yell!

We’ve been hearing a lot about long COVID. Hell, we’re even digging up drugs like Ivermectin—which we banned early in the course of the pandemic because it would have saved too many lives—to treat this horrific and never-before-seen condition. And more recently, I read some articles about COVID of the brain. You see, COVID can do damage to brain cells, to cerebral connections, to our noggin. That may explain a lot! Maybe when COVID gets into our brains it turns us into COVID zombies who walk around with masks and hide from people and wash our hands for twenty seconds with toxic chemicals ten thousand times a day, and shame anyone who asks questions of those who we anoint as experts for a disease that currently is killing far less than flu ever does but which—watch out! —may transform at any moment and slaughter humanity.

Is this COVID of the brain, I wonder? Does this explain why seemingly intelligent people and doctors are proselytizing a liturgy no less binary and theocratic than the gospel of the Dark Age, no less fear mongering, no less divorced from humanism and science as that other sordid historical epoch that we believe is far behind us? Is this COVID of the brain?

Oh wait, this type of dogmatic thinking preceded COVID, infecting people with a PhD and MD long before the virus could have dug into their brains and transformed them into babbling prophets of gibberish. Fauci preached a faith-based gospel of fire and brimstone long before he was stung by the COVID bug. In fact, he caught COVID even though he wears twelve masks and eye-guards, and had every booster you could get, even though he is the high Priest of the new faith and follows all of the dictates of its laws, so yea, COVID of the brain hit him even before COVID did, and now, God knows, this man whose birthday is the day before Jesus’, he may well start talking in tongue when COVID actually hits his brain, not that he hasn’t been speaking that way already.

So, two things about COVID of the Brain before we go any farther.

First, breaking news (as the CNN COVID propogandists would say), all infections are capable of causing pathological alterations in our brain tissue. Just because something changes the brain on a scan doesn’t mean it has any clinical meaning. Hell, we’re having strokes all the time and we don’t know about any of them. We only use about 4% of our brain, and most doctors who talk about COVID and COVID on the brain use only about 1% of their brain, so it’s even less likely to impact them. We’ve had several flu pandemics—most saliently in 1957 and 1968, but most recently in 2017—that left about 10-20% of all infected people with long term effects, ranging from fatigue to memory loss to muscle weakness to persistent breathing issues. And yes, to changes in the brain.

Here's more breaking news: even though the 2017 flu epidemic killed ten times as many kids and young adults as COVID, even though it triggered hospital overcrowding and horrific illness in millions of people, even though it left its mark with copious long-term sequalae, we never talk about it. It’s like, 2017, wasn’t that a good year for Merlot? Not, 2017, that’s when the virus came that killed all those kids and left so many people sick and suffering. When I mention that we had a horrific flu strain hit us just a few years ago, I’m accused of uttering misinformation and right-wing conspiracy theories. But it did happen, and I know, because even though I didn’t get any boosters and don’t wear masks, I never had COVID and thus my brain remains intact. We didn’t close schools, drape ourselves with masks, bemoan “the horror, the horror” of those infected lest they become crippled by the virus’s deleterious sting, set up clinics and support groups. No, we just let it pass, because it was a virus, and viruses do crap like that. They go right through masks, they sometimes can be very severe, and like all infections, they leave scars on the unlucky few but then become less harmful until they go bad again sometime later.

Compared to Omicron—which still dominates the airways, and still mandates docs like me to wear masks and get boosted and bow to prison guards called Public Health Experts—the 2017 flu was a real illness. Omicron is a cold. And yet, we’re still told it can burrow into our brains and damage us for life. Hence, we must all get a booster that doesn’t work against Omicron, but which is needed anyway, and it’s perfectly safe since the immunization has no side effects, because it can’t have side effects, because uttering such a thing is misinformation.

And yet, BREAKING NEWS, there are other illnesses out there, and for some reason don’t care about them. We only care about COVID, despite how innocuous it is now. Recently I went into a long-term care facility in which I had to spend 10 minutes filling out a form about my viral life, get my inaccurate temperature taken, and then told I had to be vaccinated and wear a mask. I said to the woman at the desk: I assume it’s ok if I have infectious Tuberculosis (TB), AIDS, MRSA pneumonia, and bird flu since those aren’t on your questioner? And she said, that is OK. And I said, well I have TB, which is very infectious, is that ok? And she said, yes of course, as long as you don’t answer any of these questions the wrong way. And I said, we’ve been answering these questions and having our temperature taken and wearing masks for two years and yet every person who lives in this building and most of the people who work here have had COVID. And she said, that may be true, but let me check your temperature.

Like Einstein said, stupidity is doing the same thing twice and thinking it will work the second time. For COVID of the brain, it’s more like doing it every day even as people keep getting infected and stating that it’s heresy to say it doesn’t work. That’s COVID of the brain. It blinds us to the fact that infections are everywhere and some are even worse than COVID currently is. Lots of them are worse!

I mean, have we already forgotten about what Lyme Disease can do, or Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)? When I started working 30 years ago in New England, doctors set up Lyme clinics on every corner, blaming pretty much all fatigue and sickness and aching and confusion to the tick-bite disease. People went on long term IV antibiotics, and tick-fear raged across the nation. No question, Lyme was bad, it still is, but somehow COVID is the only infection digging into our brains and causing long term effects? Same with EBV; clinics and support groups sprouted from the soil of fear and the need to ascribe a cause to everything, novel treatments were sold by doctors who knew how to lick it if you just put your trust in them and paid them well. They were EBV experts, so who could doubt their integrity and brilliance? Many were from Harvard, just like our COVID experts, and thus their word is unassailable. I mean, you see how well our COVID experts have done, and so who are we to questions the genius of our medical experts?

And let’s face it, there are scores of viruses and spirochete illnesses and bacteria we have not yet identified that trigger massive long-term illness in us. We know Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is caused by a virus; we just don’t know which one. Most auto-immune diseases are similarly triggered by our body’s attempt to fight infection, whether lupus or ulcerative colitis or various blood disorders. It’s even likely that many cancers and progressive dementias are instigated by infections.

No, long COVID and COVID of the brain are hardly new, nor is COVID worse than many ailments that strike us every day. What distinguishes it from those other bugs is CNN and our expert doctors who have painted it with bright strokes of bullshit while throwing turpentine on all the other infectious landscapes that the world has been living with for eons. Thus, our landscape is a smeared streak of COVID on a blank canvas of erased reality.

Which brings up the second point. Why are we so obsessed with the long-term effects of COVID while dismissing the dangerous short- and long-term impact of the COVID vaccine? Make no mistake about it, I’m not being an anti-vaxxer to state that this vaccine has left far more deleterious scars on the body’s immune system than every other vaccine in existence. That’s why I find it so medically negligent to force it on kids and young adults, whose risk of dying and being injured by COVID is far lower than the risk of being hurt by the vaccine.

Yes, it’s possible, if a kid gets COVID he or she may have some long-term sequelae, as kids do with all other infections, especially Lyme and EBV. But somehow, we’re not seeing that as much with COVID. What we are seeing are serious and sometimes lethal side effects from the vaccine. Of course, even though such reactions are real, saying so is misinformation so, yea, every kid who had the vaccine and gets sick must have had COVID.

And by the way, the effects we’re seeing with the vaccine are just the early onset reactions. There may well be serious long-term reactions too that we won’t know about for decades, which is when the current politicians and our COVID experts will be dead and buried and our kids will have to suffer the consequences of a myopic perception of reality, the consequences of COVID on the brain. It is thought that the latent period, for instance, between viral infection and the start of MS could be 20 years. So yea, long COVID syndrome will pale in comparison to long-vaccine syndrome, although I’m sure the experts of tomorrow will simply chock up everything to COVID.

I’ve seen very little COVID of the brain in my patients. Virtually all my frail elders who live in long term care have caught COVID once or more. Like the brilliant and humanistic Dr. Fauci, they also get it through masks and despite a 98% rate of vaccination and boosters. Most of them recovered just fine, thanks to the early treatment that Fauci and his pals disdained. Far more of my patients suffered from vaccine effects—whether being exhausted for months, or developing blood clots, or becoming short of breath—than from long COVID.

Of course, all their specialist doctors told them that the vaccine can’t do that, it simply can’t since that’s what science (i.e, Pfizer) says, so likely it’s either coincidental or they secretly have long-COVID. I mean, there can’t be any other explanation.

My apologies to the unassailable and God-like Dr. Fauci, but I haven’t worn masks unless I was mandated to do it at work, I have not received any boosters, I’ve cared for hundreds of people with COVID, but somehow I have never been infected. And I would know since I test myself twice a week, something that is mandated.

But I did get a reaction to the vaccine, a long-vaccine reaction that I’m living with even now, a year and a half since I bravely exposed myself to Pfizer’s grand experiment. My platelets—the clotting part of our blood—plummeted and remain low, and my breathing has been significantly impaired. Just coincidence? Of course! Or secret long-COVID! When I refused to get the booster—which likely would have caused me more harm and which is known not to be effective against the current COVID variant circulating—I was chided by the local public health department (those guys really care, don’t they?), and forbidden to even sign up for my courses at University of Maryland as I discussed in a past blog. Why? Because our doctors with COVID on the brain say that two plus two equals five, and all of their zombie-like disciples agree it must be so. Hence, an ineffective booster that causes harm is safe and necessary.

Sure, all the guys pushing me to get a useless booster at an extreme risk to my health believe in science, in free choice, in open discourse. Especially in a University setting. But here’s the choice: do it, or else. Here’s the science: do what we say, stop asking questions. Here’s the open discourse: question us and you’ll be censored or kicked out of school.

This is how our kids are being educated, so watch out next generation, there will be some bumpy, dogmatic, and do-what-I-say-or-else bullying in our future, that’s for sure!

So, when I think of COVID of the brain, I’m quite sure it’s real and it’s quite harmful. You don’t even have to have COVID to get it. You just have to fear COVID, you just have to twist COVID into the worse iteration of Satan since the snake gave Adam the apple, you just have to believe in myth and ritual and call that science, you just have to have an MD. You know who has COVID of the brain? It’s our medical community. Our public health community. The well-educated morons you see driving and walking around in parking lots wearing masks. It’s our CNN anchors. It’s our President.

COVID of the brain spreads fast. It reduces all discussion to an us-against-them fearmongering discourse that is labeled as the one and only truth. It causes its victims to care not about human beings—about joy and life and happiness—and to focus on one thing and one thing only: how many COVID cases are there, because God-forbid if those cases cross some magical threshold, then it’s very likely the End of Days is around the corner. It causes doctors to say that hand washing for a bug that doesn’t live on hands is lifesaving, that masks through which COVID passes quicker than a fart comes out of their assess are the only thing standing between us and a horrific death, that even people who die in car accidents and happen to test positive for COVID must have died of COVID, that infants better get the vaccine or else they’ll never live to get a booster, that Dr. Fauci did a great job managing the pandemic and the fact he caught COVID and that we have the highest death rate in the world doesn’t prove that masks and boosters don’t work but rather is because some people refuse to be vaccinated!

COVID of the brain is not new to the medical system. It is caused by the medical system. Doctors usually go into medical school using 4% of their brain and leave using 1%; the other three percent is taken over by drug companies, meaningless protocols, and the collar tossed around their necks by the system. Doctors are all becoming dumber and more gullible, more willing to follow whatever some “expert” says, educated by guidelines scripted ultimately by industry. Doctors all seem to think that starvation and depression and suicide are not important as long as COVID cases rise, that masks better be in our back pockets even though every study has shown them to be useless, that it’s ok to ignore all other infections and illnesses even if Omicron is as feckless as an ant, that killing people in the name of saving lives is the new first line on the Hippocratic Oath. The second line, of course, is that it’s ok to be stupid as long as someone with authority is telling us to be stupid.

To get into medical school, our doctors must score high on a multiple choice test whose only objective is to weed out anyone who has critical thinking skills, they must say “yes sir” to all the butt holes they are told they must climb through to prove they’re going to be worthy students, they must never question anything they are told. Hmmm, where have we seen this before? Oh yea, Germany, which is why Einstein left. But sadly for us, the doctor illness has now spread across the land and metastasized into our brains, COVID of the brain they call it, and we walk around like zombies citing the gospel and following the rituals of compliance.

Yes, we keep hearing we’re not out of the woods yet, more variants are churning, more horror is around the corner. And it’s all true. As long as COVID on the brain keeps spreading, as long as we keep letting these infected and impaired “experts” lead us by a leash to a fate worse than death, then it will never go away.

Thankfully, though, there is a cure for COVID on the brain.

Turn off the TV, take off your mask, throw away the damned hand sanitizer, accept that we live in a risky world that is only made worse by aggressive COVID-deranged doctors, and start living life again. We only have this one life. How can we live it when we have COVID on the brain?

On top of this blog is a picture that hangs outside of a real doctor’s office. It’s a brave picture, one I wish I had the guts to display, but if I did many of my over-educated and COVID-on-the-brain patients would complain about me and cause a ruckus that would send my life as a doctor spiraling. Sometimes, though, I wish I did have guts, and if I did, here’s what my sign would say:

covid on the brain poster
Download PDF • 875KB

Sadly, don’t expect American doctors to display anything like this. With most of their brain owned by industry, and with what little they have left severely impaired by COVID on the brain, they will continue to spit out fire and brimstone and do whatever it takes—even slaughtering and maiming millions of people—to make sure their messaging is followed.

Yes indeed, COVID on the brain is one nasty bug!

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