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5 Reasons Why Reading Fiction Is Crucial for Children’s Development

Reading to adolescents has been shown to increase cognitive skills and speed up the cognitive development. Cognitive growth is the "building of thinking patterns, including memory, creative thinking, and decision-making, from birth through puberty to adulthood"; it is "the development of the ability to analyze and comprehend."

Pre-schoolers adopt almost everything in their surroundings, like sponges. Even when they are listening to a narrative, their minds are working, absorbing all of the words and concepts the characters are experiencing. Reading to your toddler will help them grow their imaginations and strengthen their relationship. It only takes a few volumes, some motivation, and some effort.

Take a look at different ways reading fiction is important for a child's development:

1. Reading Fiction Enhances Emotional Intelligence

Reading fiction also increases your empathy and emotional intelligence. If you’ve been stressed out regarding your workplace interactions, it’s time to sit back and treat yourself with a fresher humanistic perspective.

When you immerse yourself into the lives and stories of the protagonists and other characters, you’ll see yourself becoming more empathetic toward the people around you. You’ll no longer feel like you’ve become hostile towards the individuals around you as a result of the stress. It really helps you become more emotionally available.

Engaging with the character, resonating with them and finding common personality aspects is a whole lot of fun altogether. Fictional characters make you feel like there is someone you can relate to or someone whose story is the same as yours. There is always a lot you can learn from your fictional counterpart. It helps to speak to someone going through the same stuff as you—even if it’s a fictional character.

2. Fiction Can Make A Child Socially Active

Children can become socially active through reading fiction that teaches them essential truths about life and how our community organizations work. They teach the younger audiences about how individuals respond to challenges as the characters in the books.

Observing the characters' errors can allow learners to acquire insight into their own lives. Also, reading about how the characters make friends, the child tries to use those techniques in school to socialize, which help in shaping their personality.

3. Reading Fiction Helps To Cope With Anxieties

Reading fiction can help children cope with the worries that come with major life events, such as entering the classroom, going on a first date, or facing formative assessments. Young individuals often feel isolated and distinct from their friends, even if they don't express it. Fiction books can help people conquer their fears by introducing them to events and characters they can identify with.

4. Fiction Books Can Help Improve Relationships

Life isn’t simple, and often our interpersonal relationships can get messy and complicated. However, you can explore complex emotions and understand different ideas by reading fiction books. According to New York Times, reading creates a realistic simulation that has the same effect on readers' minds as computer simulations.

5. Reading Fiction Books Can Make You More Tolerant And Inclusive

According to studies, reading fiction books like the Harry Potter series can help improve people’s attitudes toward various stigmatized groups. Such books can open up your mind and make one more accepting of more marginalized people and groups.

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