The Geriatric Vengeance Club

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The Geriatrics Vengeance Club tells the story of Dr. Ben Polton and a small band of his elderly patients who defy those depriving them of their autonomy in a world that has gone mad in the era of COVID.
From a former NSA agent to a CIA operative called The Cat Lady, to a 103-year-old woman who likes to talk dirty, to a band of singers discovered by a music executive and who bring Ben on a whirlwind mask-free concert tour, Ben’s life is turned upside down.
Along the way he finds love and purpose, never turning his back on the battle that has defined him. 
This book tells the story of the old, the new, and the bold in the era of COVID and includes 12 songs written by the author (in Ben's name) for the tour; all the songs can be heard by hitting the links below.